View Full Version : Isnt there something wrong with Orochi lately ?

06-26-2018, 07:15 PM
Orochi Pc just doesnt feel right.. Rep 34 here i know how he used to feel close combat befor the Update but now he isnt smooth anymore.

1.Heavy Feint into Side Dodge/Deflect used to work perfectly fine and it connected most of the time ( Deflect)... but now Deflecting is nearly impossible. Increased Motion delay ? Feint recovery Delay ?? What i know is something is definatly wrong with Orochi Deflect requires pin point Timings now :/.
2. Deflects dont Connect. whats the point of Deflect now ? if parry is way more safe ?
3. Heavy Deflect is was never easy to land after Track Remove ok... But now you get Gbroken for free if you fail... Tf ? (as if it was easy to land)
4. Guard Indicator on Attacks are very obvious now gives the opponent enough time to Parry.. . increased Indicator window ? we dont know about ?
5. His zone was one of the Safest , but now its a Parry magnetizer.
6. when Orochi's New Riptide was first introduced. Getting Gb was not the case, but now you get Gbroken halfway !

Orochi feels like he has Weights on.

Are my speculations Right ? there is something sneaky going on out There !

06-26-2018, 07:39 PM
It's in your head.

1) side deflect always has been off for any assassin compared to forward deflect. iirc side deflects active frames are delayed by 100ms. Where as on front deflects they're not. His heavies didn't get faster either. So that wouldn't have changed your feint window.

2) Probably a connection issue. I have no issues deflecting now compared to pre patch.

3) Guard break was always guaranteed if the opponent dodged correctly. Thing is you could "cover up" the heavy deflect by throwing a light immediately after. That was removed with the rework.

4) Nope. You're probably playing predictably if people can tell.

5) Rework didn't touch his zone. His zone was hard to deal with before due to flicker issues. When they "fixed" flicker by removing the buffer on light heavy inputs that went away. They fixed that months ago. Now if you don't get the timing right you either don't throw it out or accidentally heavy.

6) It was always GBable. That was the main concern with old riptide. When new riptide came in people were not used to the animation speed. Now that people are getting more comfortable with it they're GBing at the right time to catch it.

You're paranoid.