View Full Version : Didn't get things I should get.

06-26-2018, 10:29 AM
I bought the Gold preorder but I didn't get anything for the gold edition except and the preorder. What is happening?

06-26-2018, 10:37 AM
Hey there,

Can you please confirm exactly what content is missing and what you have received already?


06-26-2018, 11:23 AM
im missing some too, all i got for the gold preorder was a 911,raptor. Iron, abarth , c63 amg , runner 35, spitfire and pc-21. my friends got more then me! whats going on?

06-26-2018, 11:42 AM
Can you confirm which edition of the game your friend bought?

06-26-2018, 11:50 AM
That difference sounds like it could well be Rewards Program, as what is listed there is all the vehicles included in the Gold Edition as standard.

06-26-2018, 01:08 PM
Well i bought gold and got a ferarri 458 speciale - proto leopard jet boat - hummer h1 rally raid edition - ktm 450 rally - indian bike- chevrolet camaro rs-mustang gt fastback but thcbunny did not get any of these.

our 3th "also gold preorder" friend got a standard mercedes amg gt + jeep wrangler rally raid car both me and bunny did not get these 2

06-26-2018, 01:52 PM
I missed everything for the Gold preorder. I didn't get any of them!!!

06-26-2018, 02:40 PM
Guys, can you please create a case on the support website (https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/) so we can look into this.

Please submit an image of your proof of purchase transaction email/receipt for The Crew 2.

Please make sure this image is not cropped.

Once you have created the case, please provide me with the case number.

06-26-2018, 03:07 PM
Those are all Rewards Program vehicles. Sounds like he did more of the program than you 2 did (and you more than THCBunny).

06-26-2018, 03:10 PM
I completed 14/15 of the challanges before the launch of Thew Crew 2 - but i haven't recieved any of the rewards in-game, even though they are hsowing as unlocked on the website.

I already have a case open for this, but when i spoke to Ubisoft on live chat earlier I was told that they would not appear until the 29th (The release date of the stardard edition)

To be honest I think this is BS as it says on the website that these would be unlocked the first time i launched the game - and also because i know others who recieved their awards when they first launched the game.

Can we get some clarity on when these awards should be accessible in-game?