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06-26-2018, 10:11 AM
How to save the game for honor.

To those who bought the game, a 20k retribution for the lost time that can not be recovered and a champion to choose the new and 5 exp tickets.
So we avoid many problems and people are happy and happy and do not feel that they lack respect, since everything is based on mutual respect.

Stop spamming skills. (It is solved with an extended period of time, if between attack and attack there are 10 seconds put 20 seconds of delay to reuse it.
People would learn to play without spamming skills and the quality of players would be more noticeable.

The minimum bugs like throwing an enemy into the fire and getting up quickly can be corrected.

Improved balance system. 1 rep. up to 10 rep. / 10 of rep to 20/20 of rep. up to 30 / And so on, in passing we avoid a big problem and in the process we make people enjoy the communication and experience when playing, since there would be no such abuse
like the rep56 + vs rep 1+ and a few bots); People would say that the pvp effect is fine and that it has an adequate balance at each level of reputation and not insulting by the opponent's game mode or abuse of armor and fighting techniques.

It is obvious that people who play with yostick have some advantage when fighting so the community that uses a PC console is frustrated or angry because the delay, between defense and ability, can not be spayed so fast.
one wants spam to be finished and to be more even, since the game is great and expects improvements from it. People who abuse the ability of the champion as the vanguard who stows 2 and puts a shoulder thrust, if you make that combo automatically you have to do another,
because this one you will not be able to do it again immediately with an autoperry or breaking guard. Since many players tend to do it, like the push of the conqueror or the stopping of orochi with the breakthrough and constantly spam that unique ability.

Thousands of problems can be avoided by solving some very simple and recurring requests from the community.
They do not need to make the game free, when they can continue to make a profit by repairing these minimal defects.

Remember that they use computers to create the game, not yotcick.
Put yourself in the shoes of others who were not born with a yotsick in the hand but with a mouse and a keyboard.


PD: New ideas?
Add new factions, the world was full of them, if they mix who really cares? If we want to fight with honor and honor!
So be a ninja against a "Native American" or an Arab against a North American.
The world is very broad! If we go to remote ages we can find wrestling monks, thieves, Ilucionistas among others.

Year 700 onwards find good things

Arab, African troops, the people of India do not stay behind and there are very interesting weapons.
Visigoths, Egyptians, etc.
The world is very broad and everything happened at the same time.
Let the game evolve and justice be done.

06-26-2018, 10:17 AM
You're a couple of months too late with this kind of post. This game is healthier than it's ever been before in its life and is for the large part only continuing to improve.

Also, what is a "yotstick"?

06-26-2018, 03:18 PM
Rep means nothing

06-28-2018, 10:08 PM
Lets not play with controllers at all because all games are created with a keyboard, Good point there. Balancing by reputation is stupid at best, games should be balanced by k/d or w/l because rep doesn't mean **** if you don't really know how to play. Pretty sure They are adding a new faction with the next update but what do I know. If you are so butthurt by skill spam you should probably learn to dodge or switch to some other fighting games where people don't spam attacks. Oh wait.

06-29-2018, 11:58 AM
Also, what is a "yotstick"?

The synthesis of the lightest & strongest raw materials and a dedication to end-user design-elegance, creating a truly ultra lightweight, functional and esthetic yacht cleaning tool system.

06-29-2018, 12:00 PM
well, the conc made me quit. the most amzingly skillful class that can spam bash u into a rage. no more conc.