View Full Version : Huge changes to dodge mechanic suggestions

06-25-2018, 07:52 PM
I don't know how others feel but I personally dislike the way dodge functions in the game currently and these suggestions I think would make the game much better/competitive/fun.

Side dodge: if you dodge away from an attack you get hit. So if an attack comes from your left and you dodge right, it connects. Overhead attack you can dodge either way.

Forward dodge: no change. Either you have a deflect/be kensei or you get hit.

Back dodge: this is the big one. remove back dodge entirely. Change it to a duck move. If it's a side attack it can dodge it, but the window to dodge it would be much smaller than a side dodge. Overhead attacks would always connect. You can still click dodge a second time to roll away as it is now. Bash moves (such as warden shoulder bash) will always connect unless you side dodge. Characters that *require* spacing actually have moves built in already to create it and don't need a back dodge. Nobushi, dodge after a block, hidden stance, kick. Lawbringer shove. Valk can still use full guard after the duck and back up as usual. Shaman will dodge back after using the stance thing that she does. Shinobi has the kick, and could use his second dodge to go backwards. Orochi abilities would just work the same as now, would just duck first before jumping back. The biggest effect of the change would of course be the out of stamina game. No longer would characters be about to jump away and create tons of space while regaining stamina. The back dodge recovery change was good but in my opinion this would be a much better change. This would make running out of stamina actually frightening. Requiring reaction to your enemies pressure.

Obviously I don't ever see this happening as it would be a massive change but I do think it would be a great change to how combat works in For Honor.