View Full Version : A short review from an experienced racing game player

06-25-2018, 03:47 PM
ve been in both alphas and betas and have 300 hours in the crew 1
here are my main points
pros: vehicle choices, vehicle physics, better and deeper vehicle customization, FREE DLC's, variety of racing/ stunt disciplines, big map, decent graphics and great performance on weak systems.

cons: wall riding abuse, lack of an area where people can meet and 'hang out' online, slow and clunky menues, weird and stupid checkpoint bollards, unlogic car pricing ( pagani zonda F costing more than zonda R? It makes sense because you have access to the Zonda R discipline sooner than the Zonda F Discipline but its still weird), lack of side roads (it feel like youre forced to stick to motorways 80% of the time if you want to go for fun roadtrips), kind of pointless loot crates scattered around the map, weird upgrade system

All in all i think this game will be great for casual players, especially if youre looking for something to fool around in with your friends while also having an extensive campaign aspect. However for more hard core the crew fans this game could turn out to be a dissapointment if glitches and bugs like wall riding ruin the competitive aspect too much. I feel like the crew 2 ( i think its a new developer team) has some aspect which are worse than in the crew1. It takes longer to navigate through the menues and map and it takes longer to enter your HQ which is super annoying. after every event theres this mini cutscene with an annoying guitar riff which just takes unnecessarily long and part farming is something which will be a huge part of this game which i am no fan off.

However most negative points seem to be easily fixable and nothing major and shouldnt massively impede the overall gaming experience. If I were you I would wait for a few weeks after release to see what the general feedback is on the game before buying.

06-25-2018, 08:10 PM
Hello, some good points noted. But I think vehicle physics are terrible (probably the worst I have seen in a while), graphics are not great, season pass separates player base. I would not call this game a campaign, its a multiplayer driven MMO, there are certainly plenty of cutscenes and the game is structured around progression, if this is what you are refering to? I would think a lot of the important issues the customer base has noted would take some time to fix. I say this because the graphics appear to of been taken straight out of the prior Crew game - so a graphics overhaul would probably not be something they even going to consider.

06-26-2018, 01:57 PM
after you stated vehicle physics as a pro you lost all credibility as an experienced racing game player, unless you play nfs brofist simulator most of the time then it's ok, i understand your confusion
considering how bad it is even in comparison to the first crew