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06-25-2018, 03:42 PM
As a Valkyrie main,I think she doesn't need a rework. All she needs is the same treatment Ubisoft did with Highlander,at least in my opinion. Here are few ideas I had in mind for future Valkyrie buffs,tell me what you think:
- First off,make the third light unblockable and guaranteed like Shugoki's headbutt. HOWEVER,this move won't do any damage and will stun enemies and drain their stamina. She's a disabler,after all.
- I think this doesn't change a thing,but maybe her third heavy should be unblockable? It's a bit slow and I think that's a good trade,could be useful when ganked.
- HER RECOVERY,JESUS CHRIST. Her recovery is so bad,you miss a move? Too bad,you're dead.
- Buff her health. Her damage is pretty low,so more hp should be fine. If that's not an option,at least buff her heavies,their damage are laughable.
- Hyper armor. As a hybrid,she should be able to get just a little hyper armor (not like Berserker,that would be op).
I don't have much because her kit is good,she just got left behind since launch. Lawbringer is the same,except that he has a decent defense and he's very powerful in team fights (and he has one of the most punishing light parries) but yeah,he needs some love too.
Feel free to share your ideas,even if you disagree. These are just ideas I wanted to share with you,nothing more.

06-25-2018, 03:46 PM
sorry but she does need a rework and its coming in Season 7 hopefully and from what a leaked source I've heard that it could even feel like a nerf.

06-25-2018, 03:53 PM
sorry but she does need a rework and its coming in Season 7 hopefully and from what a leaked source I've heard that it could even feel like a nerf.

If it's the same source I attempted to post about (still can't get a working link for some reason), then I am also worried.

06-25-2018, 04:13 PM
If it's the same source I attempted to post about (still can't get a working link for some reason), then I am also worried.

yeah I heard a lot of the guaranteed attacks after sweep are not guaranteed and you cant charge the headbutt etc

06-25-2018, 05:45 PM
Excuse me,what the hell? Is this a joke? After all we Valkyrie mains have been through. They removed our emote spams,they ruined our best execution and now they're going to nerf her? If this is indeed true,I'm leaving For Honor for good. So,it's ok to nerf Valkyrie who is the worst hero in the roster but it's not ok to nerf Shaman's pounce that goes through walls and can be feinted in mid air. Guess I should have expected this,since the developers themselves said that there would be no lawbringer rework. Disappointed. Thanks guys,hope I get to see that source,I'm curious.

EDIT: I found the leak,it's on youtube

06-25-2018, 06:14 PM
The biggest thing i want is for the leg sweep to be a guarantee..... Heavy into shield bash into leg sweep combo the leg sweep should be guarantee speed the ****ing thing up my god its so slow that not only is there enough time to dodge it there is enough time to dodge it even after being staggered by the shield bash, its insane how slow it is....

The heavy attack that leads into it is already slow as **** so its always parried making it so you have to fake the heavy into sheild bash everytime you can dodge the shield bash easily it has no range at all then even if u manage to land it the leg sweep is so slow a blind man could dodge it.

her kit is fun but its dog ****.

06-25-2018, 06:29 PM
I feel she mostly has the right tools but needs her numbers tweaking to really take advantage of her kit.

Faster recoveries all round. Especially after her sweep.
Higher damage on all attacks. She has to work really hard for what little damage she does.
Her 3rd attack shield bash should be guaranteed.
Her second light attack in a chain to be slightly faster.
A heavy - heavy chain that can lead into shield bashes or sweeps.
HA on her jump into full block.
The timing on her shoulder pin to be slightly more relaxed. Perhaps it's just me but I feel the risk is far too high for the reward. Its a cool idea but it seems as useful as the Peacekeepers old dagger cancel.
Reduce stamina cost for shield bash and sweeps.

06-25-2018, 07:38 PM
We don't actually know anything yet. The leaks could seriously be entirely false. They were posted by "some random who knows somebody," and that post has already been taken down.

Though I will add that I likely will leave FH as well if the leak is true, except to maybe putz around on the weekends if friends want to play. I already am only doing the two daily orders. Valk is my favorite and to have her nerfed when she desperately needs a buff.....

06-26-2018, 06:44 PM
I agree Kryltic,that's why I said that she just needs the Highlander treatment,her kit is really good but it's useless.I feel like Valkyrie is the best gank buster because I can always do well in 1v2 or 1v3 situations (unless the enemy knows how to team fight,of course). Your ideas are even better than mine,I like that third attack but I think that it doesn't make sense that it can be parried,she's supposed to be a disabler,so why not make it guaranteed or unblockable? I recently started training to get the shoulder pin and it's really hard online with all the lag and things like that,at least I learned new combos though. Her recovery is something that should have been fixed a long time ago,I wonder why Ubisoft never bothered fixing her. I think they decided to ignore her for a year because very few people played her right (and it's true,sadly). Indeed Hazelrah,it is just a rumor but it seems kinda legit,you can see that Warden dash into heavy in an IGN youtube video. If they do change Valkyrie this way then I'm never going to play her again,she doesn't need a rework at all. Poor fatman and lawbringer are still left behind,it's so obvious that they belong in the defensive meta because they have no decent offense at all. Funny thing is,shugoki is my main,all I play are low tier characters and then I start to rage when a random shaman goes through walls and gets me. I should just give up and play something better like gladiator but I just don't like easy wins,that's just not my style. I'm not trying to bash shaman mains (even though I hate shaman) but she seriously needs some tweaks because those feints in mid air and the leap/throw distance is so op and you can't just disagree.

06-26-2018, 07:04 PM
If it's the same source I attempted to post about (still can't get a working link for some reason), then I am also worried.

I am as well.. i know the link and i've made two threads here about it which were deleted 2 hours later ...:/ Makes me believe it is right but i really hope not.

It looks also serious as many mooves describ for the warden were shawn in the breach demo...:/

For Valk, here is what i've understood :


Better range
Lights are speed up to 600ms to 500ms
First light now does 15 dmg from 12
Heavy finisher does now 28 dmg from 25
Heavy starter does now 35 dmg from 30
Shield crush now gurantee a light
Deflect does now 15 dmg and bleeds dmg from 1 dmg and Bleed dmg
The Sweep is speed up to 300ms (not sure about the 300ms but they speed it up) and can sweep multiples opponents (and allies)
Recovery time is down to 500ms to 900ms before
First hit of the zone is speed up and second one is slower but you have now more options like feinted it for a shield crush

Nerf :

Shield tackle don't knock down the opponent anymore (does same effect as shield crush but with full guard)
After a sweep, i'm not sure, i've heard the heavy isn't guaranteed anymore but what i undersand is that is is still but the heavy following the sweep is now a finisher and then you can't continu your chain after (still can after GB or shield crush btw).
AND the saddiest for me.. they just delete the headbutt :((( It was in my opinion her coolest moove after a parry with the OOS punish... bye bye