View Full Version : Ubi/Massive: You are Welcome!

YodaMan 3D
06-25-2018, 12:59 PM
I had 3 friends you contacted me, they had heard about TD2. These 3 was part of the player group that you stated "this may not be the game for you crowd" that you was gladly willing to run off. They asked me about it and asked about TD1 to see if it changed. So they re-installed the game and we revisited and got them caught up on their missing gear.

We played a little of everything, but they enjoyed Resistance and when I was able to get them to try the DZ (they reluctantly enjoyed that too.) As we got talking about TD1 and was TD2 be worth the purchase. My response was simple. I enjoyed TD but it had and has issues that make me not want to buy TD2.

With all of the issues I have seen and dealt with in the game and I am very reluctant to buy the sequel. I stated it would be difficult even for Ubi/Massive to mess up the sequel. I convinced them to register for TD2 Beta and reminded them to think about why they left originally.

The ball in your court, you want returning customers. Give them a reason to buy the game.