View Full Version : Revenge should autocall the second it's ready in a gank

06-25-2018, 12:57 AM
A suggestion. This happens pretty often. I get ganked, revenge is ready, and before I can call it I am killed. In a 1v2 situation or greater, revenge should autocall. Thoughts?

06-25-2018, 01:45 AM
No. Because as soon as your opponents can see that you have revenge they’ll back up and feint all their heavies and your revenge will be wasted and you’ll be back at square one. I’d rather they just fix the commant inputs so it actually activates when you press the comman button.

06-25-2018, 02:31 AM
I do think it should perhaps have an extra property that works like Second Chance from Souls. If you have revenge and don't use it before getting killed it should cancel the execution, if one could have occurred, eating the revenge and giving the player 1hp y clutch with. That way when revenge procs in situations where you can't cast it you still get some use out of it.

06-25-2018, 09:25 AM
Revenge should "overwrite" any interaction your Character is receiving or doing immediately. It should end Cutscenes and be the "Roooarr! Get off of me now!" button without any "if". I hate it being Raider Stampeded or Demon Embraced and unable to activate Revenge...

06-25-2018, 09:27 AM
The activation auto-parry also needs to stop being so damn inconsistent.

06-25-2018, 03:28 PM
The ONLY way I could even begin to accept an automatically activated revenge is if that activation is a direct reaction to an incoming attack. In other words an attack of some sort that would hit and/or do damage. Feinted attacks would not activate it. This of course also entails that revenge activation also cancels ALL GBs and CCs in the game.

06-25-2018, 03:33 PM
Revenge is a pile of dog **** anyways and needs to be removed from the game anyone who relies on it to win sucks at the game period.

Revenge mode needs to be removed from 1v1 and 2v2 brawls its a joke that you can sit there and play defense for 5 min then use revenge to kill in these modes.

although I understand why its in dominion I still stand by my top statement when it comes to dominion **** REVENGE MODE.

06-25-2018, 03:34 PM
Less so in the 1v1 it doesn't happen very often but it should still be removed.

06-25-2018, 07:48 PM
This isn't strictly related to OP's proposed auto-revenge, but revenge is getting a buff in the next update (https://forhonor.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/news-community/152-329154-16/patch-notes-125):

[Adjustment] Revenge Shield is increased to 120 HP (from 70).
Developer comment: The intention with this increase is to let people survive better when in Revenge. We think that at 120 HP, it should reduce the efficiency of the "death ball behaviour". We found that top players already had a high survivability when the Revenge Shield was at 70, so we think that at 120 it should have only a minor effect on high-level play, while making Revenge a much more helpful tool in all skill levels.

06-28-2018, 10:21 PM
It's funny how people opinion can change with time....

I remember being threated like a idiot back in the times that revenge mode got his BIGGEST NERF ... for saying that it was too much.... because of all the new character and their CC ... etc

Anyway their is some good idea here !!

06-28-2018, 10:27 PM
The only time I might not mind it auto activating is, yeah, during times you already can't activate it, or to stave off death.

I wouldn't actually mind it activating on death, even, then giving you a last stand to jack some people up before it runs out and you die. Would be pretty cool.

06-28-2018, 11:40 PM
I too would like revenge to auto-activate the second it's available. Having everyone back away to play the "lets bait revenge activation" game breaks my immersion.