View Full Version : Things that annoy in 1st game, fix this in next pls

06-24-2018, 05:48 PM
Not able to compare the item wth the one that is in my backpack
When you choose a weapon to buy/craft you can compare it's specs only to those weapons that are equipped. But if you want to compare it to one in the backpack, you have to do it manually. It would be nice if we could compare equipment to all ones that we have.
For example: you have equipped an assault rifle and a shotgun, and you have a sniper rifle unequipped. You saw another sniper rifle, but in order to compare it to another you have to either equip it or keep all it's specs in mind, and, I think, none of this is comfortable - in both cases you have to leave shop, open inventory, find a weapon and go back to shop.

When you shoot the lights, they start working almost immediately
It's kinda cool, that if you shoot something that produces light, it stops working. But what's not cool is that it starts working again after 3 seconds. It's a)not very realistic, and b)if this light annoys you (say you can't see enemies while it's working), you can't really get rid of it. I think better let this light be broken until you go on a certain distance away from it (idk 1 block distance).

Continuous F button press (actions queue)
It's NOT about holding a button to perform something, this script works fine and has been done good - you can always change your mind and stop holding it to cancel action. I'm talking about this: when you listen to an audiofile, you can stop it by holding F; when you see a bag with loot you can loot it by holding F; if you hold F to loot while listening to an audio, looting and stopping audio are like in one action queue and cancelling audio starts right after finishing holding F to loot. Without releasing F. It's not very cool, because it takes only about 300ms longer to stop audio. (I'm okay with 300ms, I'm not okay with this queue thing). I think in this case we should be able to perform another action on holding F only after pressing button again or after 1s delay.

Fading out in elevator.
When you enter the elevator, the screen turns black even if the next location is already loaded, even if we aren't able to see how location loads because we are inside of a solid box. The question is: why?

Can't change gear/weapon setups while in fight
I don't get it, what's the point then? It's already inconvenient to change equipment in all your setups [for example, you got new holster that is better than yours. You can' t change it in all setups where it is equipped in one click. Instead you have to change it in one setup (take off all enhancements, equip new holster, put on all enhancements) <repeat for all new equipment>, save the setup, change it it another setup (repeat procedure with enhancements again) <repeat for all new equipment>, <repeat for all your setups>, and only then you can scrap/sell your old holster.]. And after all of that you can't press Num2 if someone has spotted you. BUT at the same time you can manually open inventory, pick a weapon, close inventory and even that will be more convenient than setup system.
So, you should refine this system - rethink penalty, it's useless now (mb "enemy is less than 10m away" or "you aren't in cover" instead); let us equip things in several setups simultaneously (pick setups to apply or/and ask if we want to equip, say, holster in other setups where old holster is the same)

It's difficult to listen to radio podcast.
It's interesting to listen to podcast but the sound comes from a radio in the level and therefore it's not loud enough. It would be great if we could hold F on radio and listen to a podcast like phone calls through an agent hardware.

Sorry for mistakes if any.