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06-24-2018, 11:31 AM
I though it would be really cool to have some sort of sphere of influence mechanic, which works kinda like the on map AI quest system ( Eli Bleakworth ), but off map instead.

There would be 3 types of foreign interaction quests which can be issued by a number of major nations, Britian, Russia, USA, France, Japan, etc. and you will have to balance out which nations you support. ( Favoring USA might upset the British etc. ) :

Military Attachè

An foreign Investor would "give" you a big sum of finances if you happen to be low or minus in money, but it would result in one of your already constructed industrial chains being taken over by the AI for a certain amount of time.
Instead of producing goods, it would be converted into money; so if for example you accepted an 20.000G investment, the AI controlled industrial complex producing 5 (X) per minut, 5 (X) gets turned into 500G, so you would had to wait 40min before you can take over the production of goods again.

Military Attachè Would ask you to ship/and sale a big amount of weapons ( canons for example ) and you will get a huge sum money or and military alliance in return.
But let's say you supply the Japanese with 100 canons and 3 ironclads, it might result in the Russian AI sending in warships to retaliate against you supplying their enemy.

The Diplomat can open up for purchases of foreign luxury goods, but it will then result in some of your own goods loosing value because the market has become more open.

Hope you like some of these ideas, let me hear want you think :o

Here is my interpretation of an Japanese Investor that I sculpted over the weekend, unfortunately I only had time to texture the cloth, I'll probably finished the head by next week :)


06-29-2018, 02:54 PM
Developers confirmed that they would not include any nations in Anno, that's not working well with what kind of game Anno is. And I agree with them.

What you propose might be represented in regular AI opponents. You trade and help someone when some other AI player doesn't like the person you trade with. So you can lose reputation and it can lead to war. That's how it always been in Anno games, I just hope that diplomacy and AI behaviour will be redesigned and improved in Anno 1800.

I don't see how a thing like that could work outside of the map, I see no point in doing something like that in an Anno game.

06-29-2018, 03:05 PM
i think i do see a way, and it would be a nice addition but i don't think it's needed.
banan1996.1996, take lord Northbrugh in anno 1404. you could see him as a representative of the empire. If you would turn against him (if that would be possible) or do favours for the corsairs. he could ask to stop or he (the empire) would come into the map with a whole fleet and try to deal with you with hard hand. (or maybe some economic ways)

06-29-2018, 03:10 PM
Yeah, okay but that's just like in Anno 1701 with the queen and independence. That wouldn't be anything new. And still it's about Northburgh who was part of the Anno map. If he calls for a fleet from outside of map that's fine, just like in the 8th chapter of campaign. I just can't see other nations or factions included in such system that wouldn't be represented by some NPC or AI player sitting with us in one map.

06-29-2018, 03:24 PM
Had no idea of anno 1701 (never played it) and i understand you. they would (and should) always be represented by someone. or i just think of this: about some nations who normally come as traders in the map and go off again. these traders could come from different nations and if those nations would get war with each other they will ask you if you want to help them (or you can choose a nation with your personality) they would fight each other and stop trading with you. if you help your nation, they would start attack you too. you can see these wars as a random event like a natural disaster. when the war is over you can get a good reward of your nation. (for example there were a lot of unstable peace treaties between the Netherlands, GB, and Spain,... etc.)

07-03-2018, 08:42 AM
I must say i also like this idea of more personality for the free traders ai.
They are indeed always nice to you and you can't do anything bad in their eyes outside not doing their missions wich also have no downside.
Howver we also must be weary there are traders ready from the start to trade with, if you would have to built up a reputation withem before you can trade then early game will go way slower and we don't want that.
However getting on their bad side if you (don't) do certain things might be a nice new angle to the game. So you basicly have a reputation meter but you would start really high.
In 2070 this was the weirdest thing, you could be supperpolluting yet the eco factions still smiles and trade with you, very bizar.
I also think it must be possible to go at war with everyone.
Diffrent free traders on diffrent maps would then perhaps require diffrent playstyles as diffrent ai traders would have diffrent things ou would do to upset them, altough it must not be a very major thing to consider either, perhaps before they would entirely break trade agreements it is better that a higher reputation would increase their quantities they trade with you and lower reputation would lower their quantities. It would be a nice change to the anno1404 system where you hade to buy upgrades for the free traders fleet wich i also found quite odd.

07-06-2018, 10:01 AM
When i read "speher of influnce", my mind goes to Civ 4 culture, and how culture was implemented to represent your civs pressure on the map. I think a tech like this could have valuable use in a game like Anno. Numbers underneath the surface, that will be visible on the map, but hard to calculate.