View Full Version : Wrong server connection with disconnection

06-23-2018, 11:01 AM

I will be less angered about the server disconnection but i have a lot of connection during all my session.
I have a really good connection from my home, i have the internet fiber.

I can understand that the server can be really busy and have some problems. But, my problems is how you manage this !
When you have a disconnection because of the server, it's IMPOSSIBLE to reconnect to the session !! and you lose all you progression of the party !!!

The example i have is this morning (it's an example among many others !), I play Dominion for the event, we where winning after 10 min of game,
we were finish the team adverse after reach the 1000 points. It's leaft 2 heroes adverse and I have a disconnection by the server without the possibility of reconnect !!!!!
I lost all the game advancement !! Lost the reward, the XP, the quests complete and what i add to the Event !!

If the server continue to disconnect like this WITHOUT the possibility of reconnection, i will stop the game !! I want to play and have fun, and not have the felling of wasting my time !!

Thank for your understanding !