View Full Version : Is peacekeeper weak or I using her unproperly

06-23-2018, 10:20 AM
Few days ago i had bought the game, and finally i had enough steal to unlock a new hero;
One of my friend which used to be a FH(according to his word, guess still play the game around 2 months ago) player had suggest me to but peacekeeper;
But after i had her, i feels like she is kind of weak.... overall she doing really good, but i feels like her damage just being a bit lower than others;
In 1V1 i need to spend much longer time than my enemy does to deal the same damage, like i had step BOBUSHI for twice and she can deal almost the same damage by single step from a safe range.
And in dominion, feels like she has no 1Vmulti ability at all and required a long time to finish 1V1.

I feels like her damage should deserve a easier action, or I just playing her wrong? If so, can anyone give some advice?

TY :)

06-23-2018, 12:44 PM
I play Peacekeeper from Open beta, she was OP AF. i had year break and now she is... not bad, but not best. she is really fun to play, and itīs still my main, but has some cons. for example. her life is nonexisting. even other assassins have more HP that her. her basic attacks are weak too, and her stamina? one combo and you are exhausted. but. PK have something in her blood. Its Cancer. after you master some combos, counterattacks, evasing, blocking parrying, she is still weak but such a Cancer that your enemies will jump from cliff just for avoiding another 0.000001 DMG. just wait for enemy attack, he will do some "great" combo, evase do damage, and again and again. PeaceKeeper is like bug, do almost nothing, but she cannot be killed, if your enemy dont want attack, dont worry, use guardbreak or just fake RM and attack with LM. and after time you will realise, yeah PK stats are low AF but she is still really good. my stats in Duel arent best about (1.5 K/D) but still i can say, that if i dont play against Orochi or Kensei. i will overall win.
but, i see one problem. PK is now no much played. everybody play just Orochi and Kensei, and PK is rare. i played against PK this week about 10 times from 1000 matches and people cant play her. i never lost against other PK, and when i start match lot of guys start laughting "oh PK this will be ez" (this guys cry the most when they lose 0:3 xDDDD) but is becouse, this PK guys cant play her. they spam LM and they hoping they will win, but that will not happened.
i feel that PK is one of the best champs when you can play her. but you must master her. she isnt like Orochi or Kensei, she cannot just spam one attack. she must think. and lern from her enemy. if you want some more advise, send friend request on Uplay [XDeadPhoenixX] and i will try teach you something.

06-23-2018, 01:12 PM
lol, did you actually choose an op char and still loosing ?:)) priceless..

06-23-2018, 01:16 PM
Well the point with PK is the following ... she was OP since Beta with too high damage, best mobility and almost unreactable attack speed.

In Season 6 she got her rework allowing her to stack bleeds and an improved dagger/guardbreak cancel (that was her buff), but her damage and mobility good nerfed across the board. Now she is pretty mid-tier in 4vs4 and still "good" in 1vs1 if you have time to take out the opponent, due to her still same attack speed.

She is by far not weak, but the contrast to what she was, is clearly visible.

06-23-2018, 01:17 PM
lol, did you actually choose an op char and still loosing ?:)) priceless..

Overpowered? Wtf are you high? She's weak as paper now, inarguably the worst assassin. Outside of strictly enjoying the way she moves, aesthetically I mean, you are gimping yourself by picking her.

06-23-2018, 01:22 PM
PK's damage received a nerf with her recent "rework" because her damage numbers were far too high. However they went a bit too far and now her damage numbers are far too low. Her primary source of dealing damage now is in stacking bleeds on the opponent but that still leaves her at a disadvantage as most opponents can simply out damage her with a few good hits before they die to bleed.

Being evasive, not getting hit and getting in frequent pokes is now more important than ever for a PK. But yeah, she will definitely feel like she needs to hit the opponent way more than they need to hit her because her damage was over nerfed.