View Full Version : Shugoki Bugs

06-23-2018, 08:41 AM
I started to main shugoki maybe about mid season 3 and I've encountered a few problems and bugs. Please correct me if any of these were intentional.
•Shugoki can't guardbreak in succession. As I play other characters, I notice that they can guardbreak and be countered, but are able to throw out another. When shugoki throws a guardbreak after a countered one, he whiffs it and ends up punished.
•When the shugoki headbutts after trading into a raider's stunning tap, he looses most or all of his stamina. I found this when a couple of friends and I were playing and I had traded into this. Immediately I lost all of my stamina even though I had only thrown a light and headbutts.
•Whenever shugoki headbutts and the stamina is taken away, there is an additional penalty to stamina afterwards. I'm not sure on the value, but it is enough to through him OOS in an intense fight.

Those are pretty much everything that I noticed that were out of the ordinary. Please correct me if I'm wrong and add on if you notice something weird occuring.

06-23-2018, 02:02 PM
All those issue you’ve listed were season 1 issues and it’s yet to get fix. You’re better off maining someone else. Shugoki will never get fix.