View Full Version : About that balance

06-23-2018, 06:24 AM
So its been what 6 weeks since anything major has been done to the game. Orochi was buffed, PK was nerfed, learned to play them both again and like everyone in the community 'thought they were equally balanced' with orochi getting speed increases and chains with PK definitely not getting a predictable heavy feint and damage nerfs. Not satisfied i left again and recently came back to see that all that really has really been changed is somehow more bug fixes and another normalization. You've had a season to bring glad, on par with shaman, warden and raider on par with kensei, shugoki on par with conq (although cong is still wayyyyy too ***king safe) and all the other heroes up to their counterparts. Going back further you have had 2 seasons to balance this cast with nothing other than a couple of gamemodes and cosmetics to occupy resources.

Ill be back in season 8 i guess when you possibly balance the new faction and remember that the vanilla heroes still need balancing. Extreme doubts that you're not getting it right the first time, seasons 2 and 4 being great examples. Took forever to stop Cent's wall-splat loops if i remember and a week to reverse the pin-knockdown loop when you tried which should have been patched out the day after