View Full Version : Message to developers "Please look at Centurion" This class is overpowered.

06-22-2018, 07:16 PM
I'm asking the developers to check the issue with Centurion class.
I'm playing For honor from release and I still can't see any adequate class balance.
Why one class can hit you non stop drain full of your stamina and do same combo the win combo again and again with out any rough going....
Seriously why create op imbalanced combos and make other classes under powered compare to Centurion...
I'm not asking to nerf the hell out of centurion don't get me wrong.. I'm asking only maybe make upgrades to other hybrids class to them to have chance against him.
Make for honor mp more competitive and interesting...
Or at least fix the centurion class. Make less damage more stamina drain while using his loop attack..
Not let him use his drop down and kick you with the leg combo non stop.
This is way OP right now the game right now ( 22/06/18 )...
Please fix it or loose players. :(
Let the game be fun for everyone not only for a chosen classes.
Thank you.

06-22-2018, 11:44 PM
Iím not gonna go deep into this as there are already several Centurion threads on the 1st and 2nd pages of general discussion, but Cent is a noob stomper. Heís not strong above mid tier level of play, and once you learn to counter his combos itís simple. Go into the practice arena with him an just spend 30 mins learning, or even play the hero yourself and learn that way, itís the best way.

But Cent is not OP. My LB eats them for breakfeast lunch and dinner.

06-23-2018, 07:27 AM
For Honor has a steep learning curve. At first Centurion may seem overpowered but in reality he is not. If you can't avoid his unblockable heavy, get pinned or wall splatted, then of course you will feel he is OP.

06-23-2018, 01:05 PM
Centurion is below 50% of the roster when it comes to being competitive.


Once you get more experience fighting him he will seem relatively weak to you. You can learn the timing to parry his fully charged unblockable heavy, you can learn to dodge his kick on reaction and you can also learn to counter GB his heavy soft feint into GB. Those three moves are all he has in terms of trying to get attacks in.

Focus on blocking his raw heavies and lights instead of parrying them because his heavies are quite fast and he can soft cancel them into a GB attempt thereby catching you if you try to parry.

● Your primary focus when fighting a Centurion should be to watch out for his soft feints into guardbreaks as those are his best option to drain your stamina and knock you down and/or get you into a wall bang combo which again allows him to knock you down. He will be trying to get a GB on you constantly so if you lock him out of that option he has nothing much to fall back on except charging up his heavies.

● Your secondary focus is on reacting to his kick. Don't be baited into reacting early when he dashes towards you because that gives him a free opportunity to guardbreak you. Wait until you actually see his kick animation starting before dodging it. With practice and experience you'll get used to it. Once you get used to it you will be punishing him by dodging the kick and then going for either a guardbreak or a dodge attack depending on your character.

That's pretty much it. Those are his two most viable options to attack you with. If he starts charging his heavy only go for a parry if you see the orange unblockable glow appear on his weapon. Otherwise just block them because he can choose to release them at different times and if you miss time a parry he will get a follow up uppercut on you which can wall splat. Only once you get comfortable in fighting Centurion should you go for more advanced stuff like parrying all the timings of his charged heavies. For now stick to parrying only the fully charged unblockable heavy.

Best way to train yourself is to go into the training arena and fight against the level 3 Centurion bot as well as the presets it has of the Cent's different attack chains. Practice until you feel comfortable in fighting the Centurion and you can beat the level 3 bot confidently.