View Full Version : Seriously, what is Ubisoft's policy on AFK farming?

06-22-2018, 08:40 AM
Seriously want to know. Have already checked the support page on reporting players for For Honor, and that seem to indicate that AFK farming is a punishable offence (with punishments ranging from 3 day suspensions to a permanent ban), yet I've been continually matched with the same 2 players, who are *obvious* AFK farmers, over the course of the past week. Have reported them each a dozen or more times already, still nothing is done.

So what is it that these "players" are doing? Well, quite simply, they seem to play strictly Dominion vs AI (together, mind you), once they get in-game they immediately move to the *nearest* "out of the way" capture point (assuming they even move out of the spawn area at all) and just stand there for the entire match. Between themselves, they contribute nothing more than +1 points and a *few* kills, if *any*, throughout the course of the match, regardless of whether their allies need help and/or are losing. They clearly have a complete disregard for anyone else who plays, and the fact that they continue to play to date even though they've likely been doing this for more than a week (I only got the game last week, so wasn't able to be matched with them prior) definitely indicates something is wrong with the way AFK farming is being dealt with, even if it is just these two instances (which is a considerable coincidence, mind you).

So, let me ask, what the f*ck are you trashbags in the player behaviour teams doing with your time?