View Full Version : That one person with 100+ ms latency

06-22-2018, 12:19 AM
What is up with these people in my games lately. Put them all in a corner by themselves. The amount of jitter from WiFi connections is also crazy. You know, the latency that goes up and down all game.

They come close and your game slows down and attacks become 100ms faster. Iím losing hope in this game after 150 rep. I cannot block 300 ms light attacks.

I havenít had fun playing for the last week or two. The game may have run its course for me.

06-22-2018, 03:59 AM
I dont know what happened but since the last patch my latency is around 120 or above!!! I am playing this game since start and never been this bad, before i had normal 30-60 latency.. By my side everything is the same, i am still playing other online games without problem. All i can do now do the daily quests against AI.. lol thank u

06-22-2018, 04:58 AM
Its been terrible . Can't block and forget a parry. What's going on. Ps4

06-22-2018, 01:15 PM
I don't experience that at all (PS4).
Are you using WiFi or LAN cable?

06-22-2018, 01:43 PM
the ones who use a potato router

06-22-2018, 05:02 PM
Rastassin. 30-60 ms is normal in US based on what server you are connecting to. Are you playing with someone from another country and connecting to their server?