View Full Version : Do you guys not think that For Honor is a fighting game?

06-22-2018, 12:15 AM
Someone pointed to me and told me I was wrong while I was trying to promote the game due to its sales via steam sales reddit

Isn't For Honor is a fighting game as a whole? with all the combos, 50/50, mind games which all fighting games have

06-22-2018, 12:49 AM
Yeah it's a fighting game. Some people just don't understand this because it changed the game.

06-22-2018, 12:56 AM
There are some elitist people that believe that the genre fighting games basically only covers games where you fight 1v1 such as Tekken, Coul Calibur Blaz Blue, Street Fighter and so on. This game's format of up to 4v4 seems to confuse people.

06-22-2018, 01:57 AM
it's technically a fighting game, but it's not balanced enough for peoples liking nor is it solid enough, though that would be my own opinion. and yeah the 4v4 modes kinda ruins a lot, with all the potential fights that gets ruined by sudden revenge pops and cannonballs oneshotting people.

even in 1on1 i feel there are some basic mechanics this game hasn't figured out or gotten straight yet. i imagine this game has given the developers an insane amount of DATA to digest and possibly use years down the line when or if they decide to put out a second For Honor game.
you have to keep in mind that this is a groundbreaking game, something like this hasn't been made before. there aren't any games for them to look at and say; 'we wanna do that! with our own twist, and better than anyone else has ever done!'
they've invented new mechanics and systems, and ran into a lot of problems.

i would call this a 'lite' version of a fightinggame. in third person with swords : d
for what it is, it isn't bad at all. but you would struggle to make this a competitive e-sport like Street Fighter because it's not as deep and because like i mentioned, it's just not solid enough.
the developers have put a lot of effort on making this a "fun" game instead of interesting and rewarding (as in developing yourself as a player) and that hurts it from a fightinggame perspective. the good thing about this game would be that it is incredibly immersive and full of impact. when you land a heavy, you can almost FEEL it.

my dream game would be to see the For Honor crew polish the game to make it really competitive and then put it in a Star Wars setting with lightsabers and forcepowers. just thinking about it makes me smile.

06-22-2018, 04:12 AM
To sum it up its not a fighting game its more like paper, rock scissors.