View Full Version : When will the piece of ****ing **** centurion be nerfed ffs

06-21-2018, 11:50 PM
all the ***** playing him go to hell slowly dying each hour from every possible couse and i'll be laughing at your ******** faces

06-22-2018, 12:03 AM
You will get a stroke way before that happens.

06-22-2018, 12:40 AM
Will probably never happen. Devs seem pretty satisfied with where the dlc heros are despite the shape their in.

06-22-2018, 12:47 AM
Lol xd

06-22-2018, 01:20 AM
You will get a stroke way before that happens.


06-22-2018, 01:37 AM
funny thing my man hes like a B tier hero LOLs

06-22-2018, 01:38 AM
he will most likely get a buff before a nerf

06-22-2018, 03:50 AM
Centurion is a noob stomper, nothing more. Safe offense with lots of unblockables. Not to mention his punishes are great. B tier hero at best., though. If you struggle with any hero just Google them and learn if you ever get sick of being wrecked.

Since all the new players came in and they reset MMR I've been getting salt from people claiming Valkyrie is OP. If only they knew you could just sidestep her slow af sweeps and get free GBs.

06-22-2018, 03:53 AM
He can be counted, just practice arean

06-22-2018, 09:25 AM
play defensive against a cent, be ready to CGB and don't dodge too much simples

06-22-2018, 12:46 PM
So I'm a hardcore cent main (Play nothing besides him for the most part, occasionally Gladiator or some one hit wonders) Cent is not really op. Like a few posters said, he's just a noob stomper. Cent isn't op, or even that great. He doesn't have many mix up options and he can't unblockable feint. At high tier, cent gets thrashed most of the time. Just learn to dodge his kick and punch and dont get dodge spammy or he will counter you with a gb or I N F I R M U S combo. Just go into the arena and practice dodging him. Hope this helps

06-22-2018, 07:20 PM
Centurion is op now.
Centurion must be fixed, has to be nerf.

06-22-2018, 07:50 PM
Closing this thread. For hero balance threads, please suggest specific changes you'd like to see instead of cussing out everyone who plays a certain hero.