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06-21-2018, 07:39 PM
First of all: my english is quite poor so i hope you'll be able to understand my thoughts i have in this very topic

In medias res:
Some time ago even before dedicated servers were released, I started to make screenshots of the scoreboard with my ps4 from almost each and every game I play in For Honor. Mostly dominion. Well, okay: only dominion lol :)
Honestly I forgot the reasons why I did this, but it doesn't matter anyway.

Watching these screenshots I made from the days of the feared red NATs untill the last few games today an hour ago showed me one thing:
The best outcomes K/D wise are achieved by players with a latency of 15 and those with a latency above 80. Pretty much random Reps.
To make one thing clear: I'm not looking for an excuse for me to cover that I pretty much suck at this game although I'm rep 60 something and play till open beta. I know I do. So please no git gud advices. Thank you!

I just wanted to ask if I'm alone with this lag issue, or does anyone else have these experiences?

Fell free to comment :)