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06-21-2018, 03:41 PM

Another week another Den. Working this week so I will post the recap link for reddit and type it up Saturday.

If I recall, there is a patch due at the end of the month, while there is no word from Eric on reddit that means this week or next should be the patch notes.

A Den we have \m/<(-.-)>\m/

We have Eric and Roman.

Apparently over three million picked up the starter edition (Roman interjected with 3.5 which Eric said dropping numbers we're not cleared to drop). A note that For Honor standard edition is 75% off and the season pass is 50% off, gold edition is $25, bearing in mind the season pass by itself is $20 that is a good deal. So if people who just got the game free want to upgrade and drop those steel to unlock prices, now is a good time to do it,

From season 7 they will allow people to participate in an event order even after it is completed within the timelimit. Current Order is a faction challenge, most dominion matches over the weekend.

Last week's content, an Elite outfit, this week's a new ornament.

Steffan (aka Roman 2.0 according to reddit) is here so it must be patch note time. (They literally say this a few minutes later >.> lol)

They are doing a tech test in Breach, tiandi and shaolin some time in the summer, it is a closed NDA test which will be open to a selection of PC people with high numbers of hours logged, emails will roll out. They will be looking for feedback on the mode and the new characters.

They added a new raider bot, the lizard wizard, which is a homage to a player that is sadly no longer with us, the devs saw a homage to him on reddit after the player passed and decided to do something.

Revenge shield is 120hp up from 75hp.

Time to revive increased to 4 seconds from 3

They hinted in a future patch that like we saw with Breach revives might only give half health.

Side dodge standardisation to 600ms

Characters no longer lose health for a successful drop attack

Matchmaking, they had a bug that the text in the matchmaking was not accurate to what was happening so that is changed. They went over again that skill is a stronger factor than reputation.

On PC the chat privacy has been changed to team by default, along with this there is a language filter that is set to on by default and also they will track text chat which along with reports they will try to combat toxicity.

Bug fixes

Conqueror can no longer fullblock stance a minion and flail uppercut a hero.

Orochi, zepher strike and storm rush stance change recovery happens 200ms later and they can still attack during that 200ms.

Nobushi had been able to unlock during certain moves and still perform special attacks, been fixed.

Gladiator sucker punch didn't connect if an opponent was thrown into a wall before, now it does.


Punch through had a bug where after death their uninterruptible stance was being disabled after death, this is now fixed.

Longbow and javelin storn are now available when in alternate stance,

Berserker's forward throw no longer deals bleed damage when activated.

They fixed a bug that allowed warlord's shield charge to affect people with steadfast

Bots will now be aware of AoE feats being thrown in their direction.

E3 recap video

They showed a video of E3 and some of the people that help in the community as well as star players, they also had a discussion on the event in general.

They had some questions after the announcement.

Do we get new Wu Lin heroes with season pass? No, that was for the first six. Marching Fire is a different package. After early access the new heroes can be unlocked with steel for the same price as the other DLC characters.

Marching Fire cannot yet be preordered, they will announce when we can.

New characters coming does not mean no more new reworks, some will be before, some will be after. They will continue to balance.

Breach, there were concerns that it might be skewed too much towards the defenders. Sure, it is a balance to challenge as this is an asymmetrical mode, this is one of the reasons they have the coming tech test. In October will it be completely balanced? No, Roman flat out said no, but it will be as polished as they can get it through data and feedback and like with everything else they will continue to maintain and update it.

Same with the heroes, this is the first time they have put out four characters at once, they will be as close to balanced as they can but they will never truly know until they are in the wild and people use them competitively.

They addressed adding voice lines which is happening to all characters. Their goal is to make the characters feel a little more alive. As part of that they have created actual characters which served as an archetype to help them flesh out personality towards this, so it may be seen as a general story as that gives a personality of the character type. They are not and will never have something that only fits a specific named character, the example they gave is a Peacekeeper will not be Mercy, they will say things any Peacekeeper would say.

Community corner, they picked up some questions

Will voice lines be in english or another language? Everything that is immersive will still be immersive, the new stuff will be in the language of choice.

Can they confirm the Wu Lin faction will be a full faction? Yes, people will be able to join the faction and there will be an emblem shape and such but they will not be on the faction war map at the beginning.

Will there ever be anything after rep 50, maybe.

Now they have the tech to add heroes faces, can we have them for all characters, their answer was would be cool (so not certain yes or no there)

Can we play Breach in PvAI? Yes, Breach will be like any other mode, PvAI, custom, bots joining if a player drops while they wait for a new player.

Centurion buff? They think Centurion is in a decent place at the moment so there are no planned changes currently

And wrap.

06-21-2018, 05:43 PM
Cool stuff but I do have one major let down : The change to revenge only touched its defensive abilities. While it's FANTASTIC that revenge buff now gives 120 shield hp instead of 70, I feel like the +attack bonus, knockdown and the revenge gain speed are major fun killers in this game and should have been tuned down in compensation to the shield being tuned up.

#1 : Revenge activation knockdown :

That thing totally breaks my immersion. When ganging up on a player, it makes absolutely NO SENSE to have attackers suddenly back away because their opponent can pop revenge and knock them down. It then becomes a game of "how can I bait him to pop revenge" ... which is dumb.

Solution : A player is immune to all damage during the revenge activation. It no longer knocks you down.

Also, a player should never be the one punished for outplaying his opponent. For instance, landing a successful guardbreak sometime triggers your opponent revenge meter. As a result, you get knocked down by the attack you already had queued up after the guardbreak and sometime you just can't cancel it fast enough. Explain to me why a punish after a parry will never get you knockded down on your *** from your opponent activating revenge, but a guardbreak punish will ?? That's just dumb design.

Solution : A player does not receive any revenge points when he gets guard broken. The following attack / throw, or succesfully doing a counter guardbreak feeds more revenge to compensate.

#2 : Revenge attack bonus :

This is in line with the knockdown. Some heroes gets a full 2 heavy attacks during the time it takes for their opponent to stand up from the knockdown. Also, keep in mind parry and guardbreak+throw will also knock down. This leads to some heroes being able to do ABSURD punishes during revenge. Remember when Ubisoft nerfed things like Javelin because they wanted to remove one shotting move from the game ?? A revenged knockdown is a one shotting move.

Solution : You buffed revenge defense, GOOD !! ; now nerf revenge attack in compensation. Getting one shotted in a single knockdown throw is a real fun killer.

#3 : Revenge Gain Speed :

With high level gear, it's too easy to pop revenge even in a 1v1. As for 1vX scenario, I feel giving a 120 hp shield to a super good turtle player will make it take FOREVER to capture a zone. Revenge should be able to proc only once per fight, you dont want to break immersion by having the "best strategy" be to let your teamate 1v1 his opponent while you and other teamates just watch it happen.

TLDR : Giving revenge more Shield HP is a step in the right direction, but Ubisoft should also lower the +Attack Buff, remove that dumb knockdown on revenge activation (immunity to damage during activation is enough) and prevent a player from procing revenge multiple time in the same fight.

Please don't screw up my immersion and remove one-shotting stuff from the game.

06-21-2018, 06:47 PM
Question for the next den:

Could we have at least three more customisation loadout slots for the content that continues to increase over time?

06-23-2018, 03:26 PM
Notes are up

06-23-2018, 05:36 PM
They think centurion is in a fine spot right now? :c
there goes my morning.

06-24-2018, 10:29 AM
I don't find it immersive at all when the characters speak in English. I don't understand how they can think that. ALL voice lines should only be in Latin, Icelandic or Japanese.

06-25-2018, 10:52 AM
that revenge buff im looking forward to an hopefully could make a difference it wont fix the deathball but should help holding off a gank

06-25-2018, 02:19 PM
They think centurion is in a fine spot right now? :c
there goes my morning.

Lmao what are they smoking?!