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06-21-2018, 12:36 AM
Hello and first of all thank you for releasing a title set in ancient Greece.. As i come from Greece im honoured for this and all greeks im sure will support this game 100% .. But i noticed some things that didnt like.The athenians hopefully appear historical accurate but why spartans look like gladiators with no shields and no corinthian helmets??? If you could please fix that and also the 2 armies of athens and sparta fight with hoplite phalanx as a single unit and not 1v1 fights,but our character can fight as he wants it would be more realistic and the game will be even more worth.. Im not talking about the main characters, just the soldiers that appear ingame could be more historical accurate if the spartans had shields and corinthian helmets like the athenians cause they look really fake.. If you need any help with the models you can check Rome II Total War and copy some spartan units from there or feel free to contact me and i will gladly help you providing you with historical info and pictures on how spartans really looked like that period. Please fix the spartans they look like the movie 300 its a shame .. I hope you listen me and take my advise... Im still surprised about the title and all Greeks but if you fix that tiny problem this game will be the best Assassins Creed title,just dont be lazy and make this game worth the money and believe me you wont regret it if you change it. All greeks from age 9-35 will buy this game for sure..Also i would like to mention some other things i noticed. The map is perfect but you cut a bit from Epirus and put sea instead of land i dont understand the reason.. Another thing is that in the Peloponnesian war many greek city states took part not only athens and sparta. Spartas biggest ally was korinthos and they also controlled all the region of Peloponnese including Argos and athens biggest ally was korkyra but half of greek city states were allies of spartans and other half allies of athenians. You could include some of these city states as factions but most important and first priority should be to fix the unit models of spartans cause they appear like gladiators with no shields or naked from the movie 300 is awful.. And a last thing is to fix the nature a bit. In the region of Laconia and in the island of Crete it is more wild nature,not many trees,just many mountains near the sea with rocks and in some places dark-red rocks and instead of the random plants that appear you should include more olive trees that produce oil .Laconia and Crete have the best oil in greece and all over the world. At last why you release 5 different expensive versions and not 2 or 3? 1 with full game 2 with full game and dlcs and 3 full game dlcs and extra the figures.. its so simple. most people think negative about this game but i still hope in fixes. If you listen to me you wont regret it i promish. I live in Piraeus port in Athens and i come from a village near Gytheion the port of Sparta. Im a big fan of historical accurate games and this game can reach that and become like AC:1 that took place in the holy lands and holy wars with historical characters etc.. It will attract even more people that didnt even play a single AC title. Thanks for your attention i hope you saw my case and answer me soon that you will consider my thoughts .. Thanks again for releasing such a game im grateful and honoured 😄

06-21-2018, 06:52 AM
I hate to correct an actual Greek on this, but Corinthian helmets were never as widespread as art and media makes them out to be, especially in 431 BC when the game is set. For all their cool factor, they were also heavy and hot with poor vision and even worse hearing. Simpler helmets like the Pilos were much more common, just much less aesthetically pleasing.

Totally agree with you about shields, though.

06-21-2018, 01:19 PM
I totally agree with you,but corinthian helmets were being used by all greeks in the grecopersian wars mostly. After in the Peloponessian war pilos discovered too but corinthian helmet was still being used mostly to royal spartans and spartan hoplites or the 300 royal guard of the king .. The other lower-medium armored hoplites not the heavy ones changed and used the pilos helmet and also those who wear pilos had light armor..