View Full Version : ACO actually has better combat mechanic? (Only combat)

06-20-2018, 10:31 PM
I was verry happy that they were putting more focus in fighting into the franchise especially in ACO. But in ACOD its look like they took a step back in fighting (well luckily they improved the stealth) which make the combat from clunky (ACO) to a mess (ACOD).Here are some reason why ACO has better combat mechanic than ACOD:

1st: actually no additional abilities added. You may see they have alot of new active abilities but in fact it is a reuse of ACO abilities. On another hand they removed 2 cool abilities which are leap attack and push attack (hold light attack). Instead they added sparta kick which is a replacement of push attack, the shield steal replace for shield bass. The bull rush and the AOE attack would be barely used because they are ineffective. The other abilities more or less just passive abilities. Also the hunter skill tree is also re use. They just change it from tool to bow and arrow. Tho all the moves in ACOD look cooler and more polish.

2nd: all abilities in ACO are implement in the combat pretty well and you can use ALL the abilities when fighting. In ACOD skills are tied to assigned button which will result into LESS move you can do compare to ACO. So in ACO you always have a way to counter your enemy in any situation ex: when detected but you are above your enemy you can still do a drop attack. Some player can even fight boss without moving because they are very skillfull.

3rd: BLOCKING And Stance. Shield or no shield Im totally fine with it because its just about look. But when it change the mechanic I started to dislike the system. Well I think I have to mention it again and again, in ACO we have shield which have 2 functions: blocking and go in to fight/guard stance. These functions works well together, when you enter guard stance, you always face the camera direction (right analog stick) no matter what direction you are moving (left analog). In ACOD you dont have both meaning that you can't block enemy attack which is stupid, it force you to always jump around to đoge the attack which is more stupid. Without fight/guard stance you will always facing the direction you are going to (left analog). This will make you cant walk backward, dodge backward when in a fight and it gonna looks like you have to run away from your enemy.

As being sad if comparing 2 game there gonna be :
ACO better in mechanic, tactic, fluid/flow of the fight but the animation is literally ****
ACOD is just look cooler because improved animation and cool skill