View Full Version : Why is your matchmaking still failing me

06-19-2018, 07:10 PM
Iím so angry, I never put raging stuff on here but this is the worst session on for honor Iíve ever had. I have played around 13games in the last hour and Iíve left 13 games in fact just left another one so 14 becuase I refuse to play a match against a party of 4 which are all either German or Spanish. Every single match Iíve just tried to play consists of mid match losing and a party communicating a death ball and spawn trapping this was the worst case of death balling in my entire experience on for honor and it was one game literally every game your s h I t matchmaking put me a solo player against a full party. Im so angry that your game fails me and is so inconsistent, I defend the game all the time but tonight has been a joke, normally one or two games might be against a death ball but not every game I played. I want to play with others from my own region and I want to play other solo players and I want my skill to be matched with there, thatís not that bloody difficult isit and Ubisoft donít go quiet tell me that something is being done and tell me itís going to be soon because I canít deal with this amount of disappointment in a game Iíve spent hundreds of my hard earned money and the hours of dedication Iíve put into this game.

Rant over
Now ubi please answer and address this ongoing problem.

06-19-2018, 07:16 PM
Just left game number 15 now you wonder why people leave

06-19-2018, 09:51 PM
So I've been playing this for a few weeks and I have to say the Qucikmatch at least has the most unbalanced PvP of any game I've ever played in 30 years of gaming. I've read all your replies of everyone saying play against AI for a few months, and all the other crap, but who the hell wants to do that. It's much more beneficial for new players to play and learn PvP while gaining knowledge of characters and skills. If there was some balance of PvP it would be more attractive for new players to enjoy the game. Unfortunately most of you that have been playing for a while accept the fact that new players have to get to your level of experience and skill to be competitive instead of some kind of balanced PvP. Not a good way to increase the playerbase. I love the matches with 2 players and 2 bots against 4 players, how the hell does that even happen, the game cant at least put 1 of the 4 players on the other team for even AI balance?? The Story mode was fun though.