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06-19-2018, 04:52 PM
This is a copy of a post on another thread that I though might be interesting:

I'd like to design a reputation system that really reflected the life of the in-laws and the out-laws, for example:


- I like the idea that outlaws "make (a lot) more money" than the in-laws because they do ilegal stuff, but only because when you are an outlaw you will not be able to purchase on the normal stores, so your available supplies will be limited to the black market and A LOT more expensive than the inlaw stores.

- Outlaws could move freely through any part of the city but if they commit a crime and/or they are seen (walk too close for too long by the law enforcers) they would have the police behind them and that would start an alert time (like when spotted in Metal Gear Solid). After the search time, if the police cannot locate the outlaw, they would send an alert throught the bounty channel (where all bounty hunters -players- get their jobs from) saying that the outlaw in question is in the specific city and increase the reward in their heads if necessary.

- Also, all the information that the law enforcement has on the outlaw would be uploaded to the system (a bit like the nexus system of Shadow of Mordor/War). If the police has seen their face, a pic would be posted, if they've seen them with a ship, the ship would be posted, if the police saw them attacking with a certain weapon... well you get it, also a last seen location within the city could also be posted.

- Outlaws (with their ship detected in the system) could not use the secure ways of travel and should travel between planets through alternate (PVP) routes.

- Bounty would be permanent until collected.


- These are fair merchants, bounty hunters, etc. (players) They could move freely through the town and buy both in the normal and black markets. Black market areas have no police so crime might be more frequent.

- They could also be doing ilegal stuff but as long as not detected by the law enforcement, they could enjoy a pretty normal life (Nick Wilde - Zootopia) I would call them SIDELAWS.

- Inlaws can also become bounty hunters. They work with the information they have in the bounty system. They could collect info on their own about the outlaws and decide if they want to share it or with the bounty system.
They could explore the city in order to find the outlaws they have bounties on, and they could use a targeting device in the helmet slot (I assume there will be slots) that had zero protection but helped the player tracking all the information the police uploads in the bounty system. This way we could scan ships, or faces if we are close enough.

- To keep the privacy of all players, the players names won't be shown on screen unless the player is scanned/detected by the targeting device (something like google glasses or the sayans "OVER9000 - energy reader" device).

- All inlaws would become outlaws when doing something ilegal, like killing innocents (so don't shoot the bad guy in the middle of a crowded city, you might kill a civilian...).

- Showing signs of law enforcement in the outlaw areas might trigger violence towards the player.

This idea is still in development.


07-01-2018, 11:22 AM
I found it cool, but I expect it to avoid the whole karma system.

In Mass Effect 1 it was interesting, but very plain at the end (you are just good or bad). And this game should be beyond good and evil! What is worse: what actions are actually good or bad? I can disagree with the outcome of any action, and have to choose between some "karma points" or playing in my own way.

I found more interesting to make that work through a "break the law" system, where the local authority make all that stuff you said when I break laws: which can be unfair purposely or not, go against actions considered honorable by the piracy code (not necessarily by civilians) or not, or even reward actions like assault populations, vessels, or whatever.

Every faction of "law enforcers" can be unique and different, some of them have not to be "local". For example, let's say a faction (or section?) invades a planet (like in BG&E part I). They could ask you by brute force to do something immoral. Not something timely. Maybe to support them continuously in a campaign. You can help them with the invasion thing and gain their favor while that makes you rich. Nothing in the game says you if that is good/bad, maybe you are a crazy pirate that enjoys violence, murder and to burn villages; or more probably a business monkey, just doing monkey business. Literally.

Or you can fight them. If you try to hide, some people (afraid people, or maybe people delighted with the invaders) will sell you or betray you. Others will give you shelter even if they are "exemplary citizens". And black market business walrus sapiens could sell you anyway so you have to watch your back, beside your noble intentions.

These are unrealistic examples. I don't know what they have in mind with the game and how they will put it together. But the point is: to avoid good-meter systems, designers and writers can't predict with 100% precision what players consider good or bad, and to play with the "law and authority don't always have good intentions" stuff, which I found pretty logical in the context of the first game, an the "law and authority are not for me", which I found pretty logical in a game starring pirates.