View Full Version : ASSASSIN'S CREED: ODYSSEY Ultimate Edition The purchase was successful, but no u-poi

06-19-2018, 04:05 AM
I bought the assassin's creed, the Odyssey digital ultimate, on June 17. Activity is on June 12 to 18, buy any games ubisoft mall return U double coin, but I in web pages for the assassin creed: Odyssey digital redux return I no U. Purchase order no. 05911491 attached screenshot, my friend on the 18th at using UPLAY client buy assassins creed: Odyssey digital redux, just normal 46 points U returned money (maybe he missed the activity time, of course). I hope the customer service can reply as soon as possible.

In addition, I went to the website to buy it.

I have applied for my request on the website of June 17, but no customer service has replied to me and told me why.

06-19-2018, 07:30 PM
Hello and welcome to the Forums, YJSe7eN.

For any purchase or account related questions, you'll need to keep in touch with our Support team (https://support.ubi.com/) so they can look into this for you.