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06-18-2018, 11:24 PM
Hey there, I just uploaded "Outbreak" a SP CO-OP map. Its about 30 hour development time thus far and its looking better than anything else ive seen. Outbreak Zombies is d@m good though ;)

I may make a DM version of Outbreak at some point but on other projects at the moment.

Some of you may have already played LonewolfUu's excellent Raccoon City map. Well i uploaded a new version, Raccoon City RE2 that greatly improves the lighting and overall atmosphere as well as some optimization blah blah.

For more zombie action try Zombies First Night (title kinda blows i know lol). Same great atmosphere and attention to detail... no half baked maps here.

Search by author is probably easiest: Ranwolf73


Zombies First Night

P.S. im working on Raccoon Police Station xD
Raccoon City RE2

06-18-2018, 11:27 PM
Oh... Im on xbox btw