View Full Version : When will HoMM 3 (HD or non-HD) be released also on Uplay

06-18-2018, 09:45 PM
Hi, Iím owing (on Uplay) some of the games from Heroes of Might and Magic franchise and my intension is to complete it, to have all the games on my Uplay account.

Before completing the collection, I tried to find out if it is possible to buy them all, from Heroes 1 to Heroes 7.

As Iíve seen that all of them may be purchased on Uplay but with one notable exception: Heroes 3 (Iíve also got a confirmation from support that there is no way to buy it on Uplay)

Can anybody tell me why is it the only Heroes game missing and when it will be released also on Uplay?
This is very strange, since even Heroes 1 and Heroes 2 ARE available for purchase.

Iím not interested to buy Heroes 3 on other platforms, Iím solely trying to find a way to complete my collection on one single platform/account (i.e. Uplay because it has most of them available).