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06-18-2018, 07:01 PM
Ok, so looking at the way this has gone, ranked 4v4 is not working in its current form, it just isn't. Honestly when it dropped before dedicated servers, I had a good idea that it would not take off, I queued for one game and fell out of it two minutes in. It is a game mode that should attract players, whether it is those that want more xp, those that dislike hero stacking or those that dislike gear score, but for one reason or another it has not picked up ground.

I think part of the reason is that there just is not the incentive for players to make the move from regular to ranked. There is no kind of reward except for a rank rating, there isn't anything like the tournaments where there are cosmetic rewards for taking part and if you are part of a team communicating then honestly what incentive do they have to move away from regular dominion where their opponents likely are not communicating and where one or two of them might quit two minutes in causing a wipe and a move on to the next easy game?

I have a few ideas that I believe would improve the ranked 4v4 setup, honestly I would do them all together but I feel that if the devs take any one of them and it helps then all the better.

Let's face it, a little extra steel and xp is not going to cut it. I think that what needs to happen here is that there needs to be a reward tied to each rank that a player increases that they pick up as they hit the specified rank. With this in mind the rank needs to reset at the end of every season, this gives players an incentive to grind the mode. The rewards need to be unique though, none of this coin with a picture relating to the season stuff.

Once you get players in there then there needs to be a definite distinction from casual 4v4, I believe that each player's communication settings must be team in ranked 4v4. I would like to say that each should have a mic before they play but there are reasons where that might not be doable.

Regular 4v4.
So why would a team that is ruling the roost in casual 4v4 join a mode where people are actually trying? In order to pull in teams of three and four, I would make it so that at most a group of two can play regular (insert 4v4 mode in ranked art the time here). The other 4v4s obviously players need to be able to take their group in, but the one being ranked, make that the distinction between casual and ranked play.

It is a team game.
People like having their own clans and teams in games. Rather than only having a player rank, I believe that players should be able to make and join teams with which to be ranked in. A player could make a team and invite people, whether on a discord, their friends list, an invite to players on discord, the forum or reddit. Now obviously only four can play in any given game, but teams with enough players could be playing multiple games at once or they could mix up their player list. How this would work is players part of a team group up and any win or loss as well as spectacularly good or bad performance affects the team ratings and team rank, again there could be rewards for reaching particular tiers and for the top 10-15%

But obviously not everyone can team up and not every team can get four players together all the time.

Which is ok, because say a team goes in with two or three players, the matchmaking can bring in individual players who still have their individual rank.

06-18-2018, 07:33 PM
Honestly, Candle.

We all know rank modes arenít ready.

06-19-2018, 11:48 AM
Hopefully with breach we can get a good ranked mode out of that, but they also need to have some more incentives for even doing these. I think next season they need to find out with unique armor skins for ranked mode. Like entire outfits/color schemes, preferably for each tier.
If they don't do something for ranked they are going to continue to have problems.

06-19-2018, 12:10 PM
I agree with everything you said and the idea of ranked mode should in theory attracts lots of players but I doesn't and hasn't. I would play but why? I have a hard enough time playing solo in 4v4 let alone ranked. Is there any incentive for me to play ranked over normal 4v4? no there isn't for me to want to play ranked I want like 5k steel for a win and I want exclusive legendary weaponry etc. As it stands there is no incentive to play

06-19-2018, 12:34 PM
I would never queue solo for ranked 4s. That's another reason to do this is players would start grouping together and training more. Then you'd start to see better team composition metas turn up