View Full Version : Faction War

06-17-2018, 09:47 PM
Im calling it now. Samurai in third place. Not 10min into losing all fronts we are down in the millions of assets. Each opposing fronts is up by 1-8 million (except 2) and our inner territories are holding by1-2million or less so far.

Apparently winning one round was so much for Ubi that we have to be totally annihilated this round haha

I know this comes up a lot by god it needs sorting, whether it does a lot or a little its off putting to know your faction is doing crap. So how do we think new players feel when seeing that the side they pick is getting so heavily smashed that it's not worth bothering?

Also can Ubi please provide a breakdown of each faction per platform because this bonus malarkey is beyond a joke.

06-17-2018, 10:49 PM
Id just like to see a new numbers graphic from them to see how many are in which faction. I remember they did this forever ago but people do like to switch factions a lot.
Also on the topic of factions I wonder if the new faction will have it's own faction in the war or if it's assets will go under one of the others. I know that considering it's a new faction it should be rather obvious but I don't think they've mentioned anything on it. So would be cool to know.