View Full Version : Some tiandi questions.

06-17-2018, 07:57 PM
So after watching the totally badass Chinese vanguard gameplay from multiple people I have a few questions.

1. Is the dodge light on block give a GB? I havent seen any specific scenarios for this

2. Since his game is dodge mix ups can the forward heavy dodge be mixed up?

3. I heard the actual attack from heavy dodge is 600 ms and so are his light dodges. Can anyone confirm?

4. He can cancel his kick into a dodge, heavy dodge or light dodge. Does a well timed GB counter all of these? I’ve seen in some gameplay that a late (ish) GB will not count on his kick than it does as cents timing.

5. It seems that tiandi dodge is similar to kensei. It’s avoids almost everything while dodging. Has anyone’s come to this same conclusion?

These are all the questions I have rn. If anyone has anymore or good answers or facts please send them my way!

06-17-2018, 09:29 PM
1) Are you referring to if you block my Tiandi dodge light you get a gb that I can't tech? If so no I doubt it does. That used to be a thing for warden zone, valk dashes, and glad dashes. Now it's only a thing on glads dashes. I suppose it's possible. But I don't believe it would. If you saw it happening in the press footage it's likely because almost no one there knew what they were doing.

2) From what I read on the move list I would assume so? Since it doesn't indicate a direction. Just the type of dodge. Which if I remember is called a dragon dodge for the heavy attack dodges.

3) Dodge heavies are 1200ms from dodge start up. So I don't know where people are getting the 600ms on it. His dodge lights from start up are indeed 600ms. But that's factoring in cancel time. which is adding around 100ms ish.

4) In theory anytime he starts a dodge be it from neutral or from canceling into something else you would be able to GB him. since everything in the game has at least 100ms vulnerability. The likelyhood of you doing so is unlikely though. As dodge based attacks have to be GBed on prediction. Same with lights since they both share the same window length of vulnerability. It's possible they made the window longer. But doubtful. I can't speak for 4's but in duels you're going to be countering his dodge mix ups based on what he cancels into. Not based on his dodge.

5) Yes a lot of people are comparing the 2. Even though they're similar in having a longer than normal dodge attack I wouldn't make the comparisons myself. As Kensei's dodge attack is far more likely to land in response to evading something compared to Tiandi's. And this is entirely due to how long Tiandi's dodge attack is.