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06-17-2018, 11:49 AM
So far in the Anno series warehouses store a set amount of each ressource. Even if one type of ressource, for example wood, is full and all others are empty it can not accept any more wood. That would mean the inhabitants are stubornly keeping the empty space in the warehouse for ressources that will never arrive!

I believe it could add an interesting level of strategy if this system was made more realistic in Anno 1800.

Old system:
An island can store up to 150 ressources of each type:
It has 150 wood and 0 stone and 0 tools. Potentially a capacity of 450.
If new wood is produced or arrives by ship it cant be stored. This is unrealistic and not very fun.

New system:
An island gets a total storage capacity of 300. The player can reserve a certain part of that for a specific ressource. For example 50 for each type to make sure he can store tools and stone when they are produced or arrive. THis wood still leave 150 units of storage space for whatever ressource is currently at hand.
He can now produce 50 wood in the reserved wood storage and then keep producing and storing wood until just the reserved storage space for other ressources are left.
In the same way you can reserve space for a specific ressource you could also set a limit for how much space can be occupied by one type of ressource so it doesnt clutter your storage buildings.

I think this would make it more interesting to set up your trade routes and manage your global ressource distribution.

06-18-2018, 01:25 PM
Altough i completly understand what you want and my logica agrees with it, al the rets of me disagrees and for the following reasons.

Anno is a game about macromanagement and i like it that way.
This system would have 2 very big flaws in my eyes:
1-if you have an island dedicated for bread and you like to slightly produce more wheat and flour you would suddenly find your island no longer collecting bread becouse the storage is full with either/both grain and flour. Thus forcing you to do something about this. While for one island this would not be that big of a job but imagine that every single island you have would have this problem it will become something really frustrating... Just imaging your auto trade routes no longer supply your main island with wine becouse the storage is full of fish...

2-a solution for this problem would be to set a maximim of each type of good into your warehouse. But then again if you have to micromanage this for every single island and change with every single storage upgrade this will still become a very frustrating thing to do.

I think for storage the current system is a good one.

06-18-2018, 01:35 PM
P.S. after given it some more tought, i think you come up with this suggestion because when more late game, you start a new island and you want to immidiatly build a big industry/farming there.
Then you have to select your founding ship(s) and more often resupply the island with the desired building materials when you run out while building (i often upgraded the warehouse to minimize this very thing and only for that).

IF this would be the case another great suggestion would be that if you are building on an island it would not only use the building materials stored on the island to build stuff but perhaps can also use the building materials stored on the ships in the coastal warhouse/harbour area.

06-29-2018, 02:45 PM
I think it's generally a good idea. But it would add more micro-management which some players don't like.

It's good when you prefer having certain islands producing only a few certain goods. So one island with bread production with 500 storage would have 100 place for wheat, 100 for flour, 100 for bread and 200 for building materials. And another island focused on light bulbs production would focus on storing glass, filaments and light bulbs. I think I would use such system, it would allow to minimise the amount of warehouses and storages you have to build (in case of production islands at least, in the main cities they will still be required).

I don't think it would be needed to change the storage limits very often. Well, at least not with my playstyle.

And it definately should be based on setting the maximum amount of each type of good that can be stored. I can't see it working player-friendly in any other way.

Until now the storage system worked in the same old way, you could store fixed amount of every good on every island and nothing could be changed. And in my opinion it worked well. The change would be good but I feel like it's not that important.

07-04-2018, 11:36 AM
Some cool discussion going on! Keep the ideas and thoughts coming!


07-08-2018, 09:04 PM
I was also wondering about dividing goods into certain groups. For example bread, fish, sausages and such would be one food group. Other groups could be drinks, building materials, clothes etc. Each type of goods usually has to be kept in certain conditions, food and drinks maybe in cellars where temperature is lower. So maybe there could just be a fixed amount of storage for each group. So 500 storage capacity would mean that you can store 500 tons of food, 500 tons of drinks and 500 tons of building materials. And building additional storages could make storage capacity larger for every group.
Or maybe there could be additional storages for different groups. So on bread producing island we would build food storages while drinks could be stored only in main warehouse. What do you think about this idea?

07-09-2018, 01:37 PM
i like the idea of banan1996.1996 since it offers a lot of the features i am looking for but doesnt make it more complex or needs more interface opttions to regulate the storage.

it should be easy to implement 1 type of warehouse which gives 100 to every kind of goods storage and a similarly expensive warehouse which adds 300 storage space but only for a group of goods (food storehouse for foods and drinks, building material storehouse for wood, metals etc, "department store" as a storage for high tier consumtion goods maybe with storage capacity depending on the citizen in range of the department store)

this would basically leave the old system in place but by adding just a few new building types it gives the player the option to expand his storage capacity in the specific needed direction.

07-09-2018, 03:53 PM
Now that is something i can live with.
But never as in wich goods needs to share their space with another one. It will always conflicts on your main island with the example of meat no longer being delivered to your island becouse you are over producing on fish.
But special wareouses wich only increase the space for certain goods is something wich can certainly add some new strategic approach and some more diversity in visuals.

If such a system would take place i would also have it expended into special ships wich could carry more of a certain good altough this would have been a better idea for 2070 instead of 1800.

07-20-2018, 12:49 PM
Well that's easy just implement a max storage per good that you can change when you want. (like the trading system, you can sell up to 50 fishes for example)