View Full Version : Just some small things which I think would improve the game.

06-16-2018, 09:37 PM
I kind of want to see the takedown system removed. I'm put with a kill and assist system or just to kill system. I like to know how I'm actually doing and I like to know how the other team is actually doing takedowns don't mean anything because you could hit somebody once in a 4v1 fight and get a takedown.

I would like to see also a way to look at emblems better. There's a huge box when you click on somebody's name and half of it is just black. I would like to see the emblem be put there but bigger so I can actually see what it is. Some people are really cool thought out emblems. And I want to see them.

I really like to see some executions where you cut off people's legs or maybe more than one body part of the time. Side note to that I bet it can't happen but it would also be really cool if when you killed somebody their body stayed there. walking around a point and having like headless armless bodies just kind of hanging around would be really cool to me. I bet it would kill the framerate but I just thought I might put that in.

Is there any way you can make the Minions look better then they are. especially the Viking minions they look really ****y they're wearing like a t-shirt and they have a shield the knights have armor so they look kinda okay and the samurai just look weird cuz I got a weird looking shield and a katana. Also put some Minions on a side point I think you're just make the dynamic of the game go a little better so when you take a point you actually kind of take it. Not a whole lot of minions just like a couple.

Balance the game separately between PC and console.

This might just be me but I'd really like to see a dark stormy night so things are a little darker there's rain this thunder going. I just feel like fighting like that would be really cool kind of like Helm's Deep in Lord of the Rings type looking thing. ( no orcs though )

I know you guys are coming out with a whole new game mode. Which I'm super excited for and I'm very thankful that you've done that . But I really like to see you faction war game mode. where you can only play heroes from your faction with people on your faction against heroes from other factions playing as their faction. Maybe give it more of an incentive to play like you get more war assets. I understand to be hard to play with friends sometimes if they're on the same faction but then you can just go to regular Dominion to do that.

All these are just kind of thoughts that I've had since the beginning of the game. Is the community doesn't like them I don't need to be yelled at I don't need an argument to be started in this chat these are just some thoughts. But feel free to give me your comments and other thoughts on this.

06-16-2018, 10:25 PM
1. Agreed. It's not that big of a deal but it has always bugged me a little that i can never be sure on exactly how many kills i have unless im counting, which im not.

2. Also agree on this, the emblem editor is surprisingly good. I've seen a lot of amazing emblems but you basically get to see them a few seconds when you're killed and then they disappear. On the scoreboard they're just colourful pixels. I really like mine as well but i can't see that either during a match unless i'd wear it on a cape.

3. While i think beheading ones and the ones where you cut arms off are cool and all i think we already have more than enough, i'd rather get new ones with a bit more creativity. The new Orochi one for example, while it throwes realism out of the window big-time, it looks badass without cutting anything off.

As for the bodies, that would of course be awesome but considering how many problems they've had witch connections, lag/delay etc i can't imagine this could be added without breaking the game. Also unless they decayed, the late-game would look like a huge mess on some of the smaller maps (which would propably be kinda the point lol)

4. I LOVED the minions we had during the last event and personally i wouldn't mind if they stayed forever but i guess it would scare newcomers away to see boars and cranes fighting to the death. Could bring back the armours tho, they looked stunning!

5. I don't know what tho think about this. On the other hand this would be lovely but i can only imagine how long we would have to wait for the patches if they would have to them separately.

6. Cool idea and i would imagine we will get something like that at some point. Afterall we already have rain and kind of an blizzard.

7. I don't think i'd ever play this over normal Dominion unless they change how the faction wars work. I would love it if they would make it a whole lot more interactive. It's pretty dull as is, you deploy troops and that's it. You never get the feeling that your troops are doing any difference and it just feels pointless.

Unfortunately i have no idea how they could make it fun. All i can think of is making it into a kind of a mini-strategy game like Travian or something where you would have to manage troops and assign them to different missions or something, i honestly don't know.

06-19-2018, 09:57 AM
They should just introduce more minion models. The minions right now are like an army of clones, I think that's the biggest problem with them. They should have like 3 to 4 different minion models for each faction.