View Full Version : Cheer and other problems in the Demo (Hope it gets fixed)

06-16-2018, 08:56 PM
After Alexios/Kassandra gave their speech, the crowd neither cheered nor raised their cup, which is not the best thing to do in my opinion... Maybe it would be OK to act like that if Kyra or Thalates was dead, but if the player had indeed done a great job in helping the rebels, shouldn't they at least cheer for him after his speech, or at least give some reactions? I am aware that this is only a Work In Progress, and maybe these problems will or will not be fixed, but I'm just pointing them out here for now.

Also, dialogue options does not seem to matter in some places as the cutscenes are the same no matter what the player chose to react like when they first met Kyra in the cave. Not sure if that was tuned for the Demo just so things don't get spoiled, or is it unfinished yet, or it just doesn't matter about the dialogue choice in that case. If the latter is the case, then what's the point of having a dialogue option if all the responses are the same? Probably might need some fixes over there, even just some slight variations would be cool. Or, just simply cancel out that dialogue option and merge both cutscenes into one. Hope I will be wrong, and that those choices do lead to different consequences in the final product... Like being able to go straight to war with the rebels at the first meeting, and that would be quite cool. Which I guess might have been one of the consequences, but was deactivated due to it's just an E3 demo? Going straight to war with the rebels might take out a lot of fun for a demo I guess. Not sure though...

Some waves don't seem to act like waves, and they're not really crashing onto the cliffs in some parts that were shown in the demo. Though some waves are small and touch upon the shores gently, there should also be big waves crashing into rocks, instead of just flowing pass it as if there's an invisible water wall of some sort for the waves.

That is all the problem that I've noticed for now that might need a fix. Other than these, I'm fine with everything else, for now.

06-17-2018, 12:16 PM
Some of dialog option is to expand the conversation and giving more information like where is the target, clue, side story, back story, etc. Some main dialog choices have the same result which is fine to me because is actually like real life. You may try different approach but the person you talking to still respone to you the same, it is normal. And most of dialog can change the outcome.

06-17-2018, 12:18 PM
I agree with you about the wave tho but i dont think they gonna fix it