View Full Version : SGA on how to practice delayed soft feints

06-16-2018, 06:02 PM
So I was messing around in duels yesterday and I found out how you can practice delaying soft feints. This method lets you know if you've actually managed to delay a hit. So you know how in the top right you have 3 pre selected combos for your hero? You remember how if you input the combo correctly it flashes white and gives an audio que?
Well it turns out if you actually properly delay your attack it triggers the audio/visual que as well.

As an example PK has a soft feint where she goes and does a bleed poke. If you delay your soft feint youll get the confirmation. But if you soft feint too early the ques will not play. Unfortunately this method doesn't really help you acknowledge when you've delayed comboed attacks. As you'll get the ques regardless of when you press it as long as you don't wait too long and leave the combo.

Just as a quick reminder the reason you want to learn how to delay anything is because it makes attacks their proper speed. Even delaying a hard feint is good because that is more likely to fool your opponent.