View Full Version : The charm of BGE1 getting lost? Cleverness, limited strength, empathy, etc.

06-16-2018, 04:50 AM
I should preface this with a critical bit of info—the first Beyond Good and Evil was one of my favorite games of all time. The reasons why I can distill into a small list, which all add up to making the game nothing short of charming.

Departure from the usual tropes of gratuitous violence, sexualization, belligerence, theft, and mindlessness.
Critical game mechanics based on clever things like taking photos, finding weak points, and sneaking around.
Main characters that I really like. Especially so with Jade but if any of them were real, I'd want to hang out with them.
Fantastic depictions of oppressive abuse of power and resistance to it in believable ways.
Serious situations were played as serious and trivial situations were comical.

From the two trailers that have been released, I'm seeing what might be a terrible loss of these elements of charm. I'm seeing a kind of fetishizing of grittiness and turning up too many elements to 11 just because we have the technology to do so, not because we should. I'm seeing a welcoming of the needless elements the first BGE departed from. I'm seeing deadly situations are played as carefree joyriding. Brute force mixed with overconfidence. I'm seeing things that it seem... well, more like so many other newer games out there.

I'm also seeing that I might be very disappointed by what's been changed about my favorite characters. Pey'j isn't fixing things? Jade is evil? I'm seeing visually appealing and grotesque characters but not characters that I'd like to know. I'm seeing more stereotypes and less diversity. Lots of detail but less richness.

If that's really the direction everyone on the team wants to go then I feel it should be either a game that doesn't carry the BGE name or should be set as a spin off where the existing characters, narrative, and setting can remain intact and unmolested by a sequel that so far seems to be choosing spectacle over charm.

Lots of games have spectacle. Most of them I'd say. Few have charm.