View Full Version : Mérida - a giant city soaring a few hundred meters from the surface

06-16-2018, 02:17 AM
..the megalopolis of the planet, where freeman gather for labor and success, a parallelism with the so-called american dream. In Mérida time literally stops, since the city moves on the opposite direction of planet's rotation. The city feeds on light to walk. It's a challenge requesting for Merida's citizenship, but you can temporarily visit this place to meet people of higher status that may pay you well for not so moral jobs, and rare rich traders willing to sell their souls to acquire the most beautiful and eloquent of the planet's artifacts. The bright sun has conquered Mérida for as long as it lives. But, as the ancient Gods envy it, the flying city pays a huge price for its eternal brightness..

(this image was taken out from Pinterest)

What do you guys think about the concept ?