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06-16-2018, 12:00 AM

Just yo be sure everyone sees our creator of the AC franchise.

06-16-2018, 12:38 PM
Wonderful! Thanks once again, Loomer!

It was a surprise that perhaps the most contentious part of the movie was the thing that he wished he'd thought of. I was also kind of surprised (disappointed?) that he thought the hood was fundamental to whether something is an AC game or not.

Glad to hear Ancestors isn't episodic anymore. There was something interesting about the idea of really scouring the world before the end of each chapter while you wait for the next, but it was also a flawed idea. As a designer, he would have to pack somewhat meaningful content into the post-chapter world, but at the same time nothing that happened after the essential playtime could be vital (in order that no player would feel excluded).

I kind of hate survival games and all the Tamagotchi business of watching various meters, but I trust him to make it actually fun. It still sounds very loose, though, with the way he's talking about the original design brief changing. Then again, maybe he is just being wisely vague so that we don't write out the game in our heads before he reveals the real thing.

I'm still most interested in 1666, but it feels like Ancestors is at least a year away, probably two, so 1666 would be... next gen, 2022/2023?

06-16-2018, 01:16 PM
Here i cover every point individually:

1. Personally i found the whole Animus in the movie to be dumb, there is no point in making such a Machine at all, when you can just set savely on your chair to just watch it. The only reason they added it there was for the sake of Action, not the plot, so i am not gonna to like it. Despite of this the movie as sort of good, but like our father Patrice said, it was messy.

2. Yeah, thatīs exactly why i have issues with how they try to put the Assassins vs Templars conflict behind everything and pretend it isnīt what makes AC great. If they want to focus on the first CIv stuff, make the Isu a species with Seperate factions with one being the true precursor of the Assassins and the other to the Templars, thus you can have Assassins and Templars in both. If they want to do Historical setting for the sake of history, why not make a new IP instead of milking a SCI FI plot and selling it as Historical fiction, itīs like selling milk as if it were Yogurt. So i gotta agree with Patrice on this matter, it lost a lot of the things that made AC interesting.

3. Well i would have asked him if the main Character would be Connor or not, but we won't know how diffrent the game would be. Personally i would have preffered if we would have gone to the Mayans, then to the French Revolution, then Egypt and finally to the Modern day.

4-6 Ancestors is going to be amazing, no doubt about it.