View Full Version : One for the future: Hero specific tips!

06-15-2018, 03:45 PM
What if they implemented a system that would give out specific tips depending on which hero you're playing, against who and what are their strenghts and weaknesses?

In Overwatch for example, let's say you're playing McCree and you died to a Widowmaker, the game will tell you that while your character shines on accuracy and constantly hitting headshots he still struggles against a true sniper class.

Of course the hardened veterans already know what to look out for in any given situation but this could help newcomers to get a grip on counter gameplay faster and thus take another step in making the game more newbie-friendly.

They could include pretty basic stuff and also specific reminders on some of the hero's key moves. One example that i can quickly think of, let's say you're a spam-happy Orochi and you got knocked on your *** by a WL : when fighting a Warlord, be sure not to pressure him too aggressively or you might get caught on his counter attack."