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06-14-2018, 11:58 PM
This is a very personal comment indeed:

1. I don't wanna fall asleep whilst piloting an overpower vessel at level five able to destroy a whole horde of enemies with a single blast.

2. I don't want a lame five minutes tutorial leading me to my first weapon or vehicle.

3. I wanna be able to find stuff by my self without that clairvoyance (skyrim reference) thing pointing to the desired destinations (except npcs, ofc)

4. I want the minimap only when i'm traveling in a vehicle of some kind, otherwise i may access it through the menu.

5. I don't want this game to be Mechanically Shallow. I want complex combat mechanics that may evolve depending on my skill choices.

7. I dont wanna die many times (this isn't DS) but I want to feel that my opponents are as dangerous or professional as the organizations they belong to.

8. I want objects to have accurate physical boxes.

9. if my vessel gets a hit i mustunt repair it immediately, i ought to drive the ship back to a safe place and repair it there - unless the issue can be solved internly by the crew (like a circulatory problem)

10. Other npcs can lie or be cagey if they intend to; they can have their own agenda and work it out. it's my burden to decipher whether they're being honest (this could work according to the karma system)


12. My (expensive) ship can be robbed - come on guys, this is a game with pirates.

13. Every robbed vessel can be tracked down; this may be a dangerous and slow process but it may lead you to a treasury place.

14. I wanna be able to modify my ship's internals and externals.

15. I want sandbox rules, at least inside my ship.

16. Make vessels expensive.

17. You can win the lottery, but only if you choose a specific set of quests (this set may change as time progresses)

18. It's hard to win cash.

19. It's relatively easy to receive goods or artefacts from npcs.

20. No way you be selling all of your stuff to a single merchant: they're rare and some of them only take certain items.

21. You can steal other's vehicles, but with very harsh consequences depending from whom you stole.

22. Me and My Ship are not like Romeo and Julieta - I must be able to play the game fluently without having to resort to my vehicle.

23. In order to function, vehicles require some type of fuel.

What do you think guys ? Cheers

06-15-2018, 04:57 PM
I like almost all your ideas except point 18, instead I'll prefer: make get cash not so easy to acquire, so it will have a real value.