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06-14-2018, 10:35 PM
As the title says, after watching a bunch of gameplay I found the mechanic of the combat is very odd when your kicks/normal attack/shield break send your enemy flying. And people can die by your ledge pull assasinnation with 2m fall but survive 8m fall from your sparta kick??? ☺☺☺☺

I'm ok with the kick because its very iconic and look powerful. But even the normal attack and the shield break also push enemy away which is bad because: first its very unrealistic absolutely not cool at all, we all know that whats people want is cinematic likes and now everyone praise ghost of ...(i forgot the name). Second: it breaks the flow of the fight when you have to reposition to keep close to your enemy.
As I talk about reposition then I have to mention the disadvantage of shield removal or some kind of ability to block. This force you to jump around all the time and a again, rolling is not the way people want to play. Idk about the dodging mechanic in ACOD but its not like 2 dodge and 1 roll like ACO or 2 keys each for 2 actions in the withcher 3 but I see people roll way more than dodge.

And also this point (my personal preference) which is I like to put on guard mode/ fight stance in ACO which can let you move backward and still facing enemy. Now without blocking system (only parry) I can't walk backward or dodge backward without locking in an enemy. Me personally and also some people I hate lock on or dont know how to use it properly and I only use it for some immersive camera angle because I'm good enough to keep the flow of the fight without it and I hate the lock on point HUD.

I understand that there is no chance that ubi gonna put shield in this game because it need a lot of works. But the other points you can do it easily or just give people a choice in the menu either they want it or not like animus control panel:
Change the fall damage. They said that peole complain about fall damage in ACO.... wtf who complain about it??? It was perfect.
Reduce the push back on normal attack and shield break. Seriously this is to much the combat goes from clunky in ACO to messy in ACOD this time. In the stage demo the push back is good but in hands on it was bad
Just give me an option go backward please 😣😣.

So this is all my problem base on the demo and hands on.
Furthermore I have some others thing which im afraid of:
The naval combat is not epic as black flag: in black flag there are rain and storm and smoke everywhere. In ACOD its very peaceful and the boarding is boring.
Some fun/good aspect that I didnt see they bring back from ACO(yet): gladiator and small detail around you how you interact with evironment/NPC.

Other than that, i love everything else in this game already.