View Full Version : Adjustable walking speed using mouse wheel please?

06-14-2018, 09:15 AM
I really look forward to playing AC Odyssey, and as a PC player I wander if the devs will have some love for PC?

In particular, I really want just one feature: adjustable walking/running speed using the mouse wheel. I've been requesting this feature since the day Origin was released. Sadly that never happened. Perhaps with a new game there's a chance? I don't want to dash through this world because 1. it's immersion breaking and 2. the world is beautiful and I want to spend time in it slowly. But without adjustable speed, my only other option is a painfully slow snail walk. The absence of this single feature has significantly lowered my interest in Origins. With Odyssey being even more of an RPG, I want to take my time and stroll through the world in a reasonable pace that I can control.

Technically this should be quite doable. Games like Shadow of Mordor has already done it, with mouse wheel up/down corresponding to faster/slower speed.

Please please please add this feature.

06-15-2018, 02:42 AM
I strongly agree.

I don't understand why Bayek has to walk so damn slow in Origins. It's absolutely atrocious how slow he walks. A snail moves faster than him.

At first this problem was "fixed" by increasing the speed in the Animus Control Panel. Until the game eventually wound up glitching and crashing in which I assume to be because of my usage of the Animus Control Panel. In addition, I also learned that using the ACP voids out any possibility of launching a New Game Plus.

So Ubisoft, please increase the walking speed for Odyssey.

06-17-2018, 09:11 PM
Agreed. We want to explore the world sometimes by walking and we need it to be faster! I made similar thread yet no one bothered to even see. All in all let more pople hear about this and maybe we will get it in Odyssey :D