View Full Version : UX/UI feedback

06-13-2018, 04:57 PM
These are few small/general things I find annoying.

I don't like how I have to wait behind animations and things like reward screens. Neither do I like waiting behind useless announcement between each ranked match and by the way the announcements are overlapping each other. 2 different announcement are made at same time. After match you wait on reward screens. You press next, but then you leveled up and get reward and you are forced to watch it. Then in reward screen you spam next button but in the end it replaces with action button and now you get confused why isn't nothing and you are still in reward menu. In normal duel games I would expect to be able to press next button till I get to the "Rematch opponent" menu.

War map was confusing too. I mean when you open, it open zoomed into one of two fronts. I am samurai, I open map, it opens in vikings front but knights front has battle that needs my troops. I can't just hover my mouse there and this is where it got confusing for me. Currently you need to press ESC, but I had always feeling that if I press ESC i go back to menu. When you open war map, I'd expect it be not zoomed into front. Sure by now I am used to it, but it has been confusing experience.