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06-13-2018, 02:52 PM
TL;DR - AC: Origins fan nerd complains about no shields in Odyssey, a game that is confronting historical measures where shields were very relevant during that time and requests at once (desperately), for mods or anyone with power to convince developers otherwise. Thank you

I really love AC: Origins. I spent cash for every outfit because each set was so good looking and I hate micro transaction so much but I was unable to resist the seductive temptations of what Ubisoft was doing to me. I just had to get out my wallet. I couldn't resist.
The story was so amazing, exploring all aspects of Egypt was so fun. The side quests, all of it just perfect. I have played a lot of games and no one touched me like this one. I thought Ubisoft was dead in terms of quality of games, but they really, really levelled up and managed to compete (greatly) with the Witcher 3.

Now, you guys are releasing an even greater game and I am a huge, huge sucker for ancient greece and its mythology. I literally can't wait, every day I wake up looking at the 150 vs 150 battle and the naval combat and the cool looking gear and the RPG options given. Every day I look at the beautiful waters of greece thinking I am going to relive black flag again.

Everything is just good. And for the first time I am looking forward spending money on micro transactions to be the sickest most bad axx dude in the game. Taking pictures and exploring more historical places. I'm going to buy the latest edtion, something I haven't done in years - just to savour every drop of this master piece that is going to be created and released.

I am saving money at my factory job to upgrade my computer compontents to enjoy this game at the fullest. I just bought a surround bio speaker with 7.1 surround just to immersive myself better for this release.

I have waited for this moment, ever since I saw that Spartan in the Arena in AC: Origins wishing for them to implement similar armor, but instead they give us a game which is even better. But, there is just this one thing I need the most to make this completely perfect. And I know this is a selfish request, but can you guys please add shields to this game as an option? What good is a Spartan without his shield?

What good is a hoplite, assassin without a shield when all other cool looking athen and spartan and makdonian hoplites have their shields? Of course our two protagonists are going to get jealous. They need a shield too.

Please Ubisoft, please give us a shield I don't care I promise not to do passive combat in the game. You have our word, just give us a shield. We love this game and we want it to be perfect and leaving out on such a small detail like the shield, is acutally a big one since they are very historical.

Sincerely yours, a fan

09-26-2018, 10:51 AM
this!! give us the Shield OPTIONS back. at least an Option to pick them up over the fight with a Health based shields that can be Destroyed or so!!
the immersion will be destroyed if we can watch the Weapons and Gears the enemies can use and we can only look and are forced to play one combat style.... offensive with forced to hold a Spear on the left side instead of nothing bcause of one handed weapon.

09-26-2018, 11:52 AM
Seriously, how many Shield threads are going to be running here? For the love of God already