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06-13-2018, 01:20 AM
Why do the character models look so awkward ?

1) The Chinese woman in the One trailer :

Her upper body is 1/3 the size of lenght of her legs. She looks like a Midget on Stilts.

Her legs are Way to long(her But'tocks crack is halfway up her back = no Arse whatsoever..it goes straight from 5 ft long legs to her lowet ribs)
and her legs are beyond skrawnyto , she looks like an arachnid human hybrid with those wierd legs..

2) the white woman's Back is Arched so badly it looks like she has Scoliosis.. (and her legs/torso/arse are all way to skinny... olease Feed her a Burger and some Spare ribs)

3) the White guys are all Bowlegged, looks like they got probed by aliens, with no lube, while riding a horse.... Extremely awkward and disjointed hip movement because their legs are shaoed like a wishBone.

4) the black guys body is the only one that looked correctly proportioned on top and bottom. His upper body was the right length to match his leg lenght, he didnt have as Obvious Bowlegs like all the other characters (men and woman)
And he had normal looking proportionate muscle/bulk
(he was still a little Bowlegged/Wishbone legged. But it was not as bad as all the other characters becuase the body mass/body proportions hid it alot better, so the hips didnt look disjointed and pants didnt look like they were on a manikin store display of a sporting good store with a rod up their manhole)

my opinion.. get rid of the Wishbone/Bowlegs legs Immediatly!!

For the Guy characters use the black guy template = good proportions. ( he isnt perfect either. Still needs some tweaks..but i woulf say his character model is 95% there )

For the Female characters.. ugh..feed them for a few weeks, call a chiropractor (and an archnid exterminator for the chinese womans legs...So Creepy looking..she is so out of proportion..)

And for the love of the Gods.. Give all the Woman a "BUTT" lol..(real people have a Buttocks..why do your females legs go straight to their Neck?... flatter than a crumpled piece of paper)

Other than that.. it looked like your characters still do that awkward "Run in a Tilting circular motion when turning while running....(like a boat making a tight turn in water)... Real people dont run and turn like that... it looks and feels stupid... when im going 90Mph on a motorcycle i need to lean into turns.....not when im running at 8 miles an hour!!

GAME Looks great..but the character models/Movements NEED alot of work..and since we are going to be looking at and Controlling the characters for 2+years, You really need to Make them Perfect, ( and at the moment only 1 is decent.. not perfect..but atleast correctly proportioned)

06-13-2018, 02:44 AM
Yeah. They all look terrible compared to TD1.
I'm sure it's on the ironing board though.

06-13-2018, 05:46 AM
You guys should realise the Gameplay you have seen from E3 cant possible be the Snowdrop engine but much rather is the Anvil Engine (Wildlands), Not to mention the Animations are definatly pre alpha stage at this point. Anything we have seen gameplay wise thus far just dosnt look good. Animations (obvious work in progress), Asset setup, World feel, this all just looks and feels like Massive is working with the Anvil Engine (Wildlands) and calling it Division 2.

Becouse if this is in fact the Snowdrop Engine then Massive totaly botched the shaders and there cant possible be the same guys be working on the Enviorment as in Division 1, again the Animations, Assets, Textures, all screams Anvil Engine. If this is Snowdrop then i really want to know WTH they did to that otherwise totaly Stunning Engine to make it look this god damn awful.

And to touch on the gameplay itself, well ones again it looks and feels like playing Ghost Recon Wildlands with a Division UI and Theme.

06-13-2018, 09:31 AM
Here we go again with the Anvil engine... :rolleyes:

06-13-2018, 09:46 AM
Here we go again with the Anvil engine... :rolleyes:

The Division 2 is using an upgraded version of the Snowdrop Engine. You can see the "Powered by Snowdrop" logo at the start of our trailers.

/ Johan

06-13-2018, 10:13 AM
The Division 2 is using an upgraded version of the Snowdrop Engine. You can see the "Powered by Snowdrop" logo at the start of our trailers.

/ Johan
Yes, I know, and that's what I was pointing to, albeit sarcastically...

The point is, one or two people have been clearly overreaching, saying that the game is either being played on the Anvil engine or on the Snow Drop engine with some of the Anvil framework. Like I said back then, that's clearly unfounded and pure conjecture. But hey, they keep making those analogies.

06-13-2018, 01:29 PM
Yes i know the game is not spit and polish ready.

And i know Massive Listens to feedback.

So im just giving my opinion on what looks wrong and what looks right.

I see people posting "just wait till the game is released and then complain" but im not complaining, im giving feedback as a player who loved the Division 1 and as a person who is passionate about this franchise.

Sometimes when your in the middle of working on a project you dont notice something that is pretty obvious if you werent staring at it 10 hours a day.

We all just want TD2 to be the best game it can be. And like i said in my OP we are going to be looking at, and controlling these characters for 2+ years.. In a 3rd person game if the character models look and move awkwardly, and the controls are off or make no sense (outdated leaning when running like your circling a whirlpool) it is a serious issue.

06-13-2018, 01:48 PM
They have time to adjust the models. It shouldn't be a problem when it is released.

06-13-2018, 02:01 PM
It’s a very good thing indeed where complaints about the looks of characters seem to be the predominant complaint on these boards lol