View Full Version : My problem on ACOD based on demo/hands on

06-12-2018, 09:07 PM
So far what I see in ACOD is very promissing but still I see some problem in the gameplay that I want to point it out:
1) push back distance: seem like in hands on edition the pushback distance is a bit too much ( shield break and kick) although the kick is acceptable for me, on the other hand the shield break look abit too much and it actually break the motion of the fight when your enemy fly 5 m away after u shield break them. Its very annoying and less cinematic.
2) as we all know and complain about in ACO lack of kill animation. ACOD does the same thing and even less when there is no sickle sword anymore probaly also barehand fighting.
3) they may remove the pop up of the skill interface when fighting. When people only trying to parry they unconciously hold to button too long and the skill set keep poping up and it really really annoying.
4) See no tomb or some short of replacement for tomb to explore. Maybe because they haven shown it in the demo yet.
5)bugs some time your character suddently flying around and glitchy. Well ots pre alpha demo
6)too much long dodging. Idont know if it had different key set now for long dodge and short dodge but I see people use long dodge all the time. If the longdodge is the only method then the combat system is completely f*** up because now they even remove the blocking system and force people too move.
I may wrong on the first point because maybe the far push back is a skill. But if it's then it need to be fixed.

06-12-2018, 09:51 PM
The push back is done right in the e3 demo but not in hands on edition from youtuber