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06-12-2018, 06:51 PM
Death peantalies:

No one likes to die in games, and fewer like corpse runs. I remember in another game where I ventured someplace 'very-dangerous'(tm) and in my efforts to try and recover my gear, I left a trail of XXXXX deceased backpacks. In retrospect it was funny getting random /tells saying "Hey XXXXXX I found your bodies...."

Also, no one likes to lose excessive amounts of XP, massive debuffs or long runs back to the action either, so some sort of balance must be worked out.


Maps and quests.

No one likes maps when they are hard to work with or are hard to match up to the world in the game. I'm currently playing a game where they have a good world map system, but the quest given maps are so horrid that you are forced to go to an out of game website to find where you are supposed to be going to do the quest. Quest desinations should be easy to find on the maps, and a way point system should exixt in the HUF to where you can actually get there, one way or another.

Quest rewards.
XP is always nice, gear is great, gear you can not use, not so much. If you are going to have three types of armor (cloth, leather, heavy for example) don't just hand out a set of cloth gloves to players looking for guantlets. Offer a menu of choices, or offer a choice of more gold instead.

Tokens: There are some games that give sealed boxs, urns and the like for gear, yet when eve you open them, you get the gear at the level you open them at. So if you are doing a set of quests, you either have to accept that your gear will be mix-matched by the time you finish, level wise or that you will have to carry those urns until you reach max level and then open them. (Or until you get fed up and either junk them or use them anyways.) So rather than giving us sealed boxes and the like, tokens for gear might be the better way to go.


06-12-2018, 08:29 PM
That is a valid point, running back to my corpse was Always a pain in the ***. There should be several save points in the form of hospitals scattered around the world, when you die it will teleport you to the nearest discovered hospital (so you have to visit it first before you can use it). The closer the hospital is, the longer the respawn rate to make up for it. Making your ship a respawn point would be good too.

But I don't agree with having quest markers showing exactly where you need to go. I loved how the World of Warcraft vanilla worked with quests, they described the way you should take perfectly and with waypoints you can recognize in the world. They could also give an area of interest on your minimap, showing you're on the right track, when you're close to your destination.
Having the exact location on your minimap takes away the need to listen to the story and removes the discovery/adventure aspect that's associated with pirates.

For quests, I'd think giving crafting resources would be better than gear. Since crafting resources gives more money on the black market and you can use it for whatever you want. You can craft the gear you need at that moment.