View Full Version : New PvE content Pay Locked??

06-12-2018, 04:56 PM
I am a little bit confused when pope said new PvE content (that will be announced later) access is going to be pay locked?

Are we talking about steel cost for playing it like a ticket entry fee, or is it going to be real $$$ only?

06-12-2018, 05:09 PM
Eric posted this on Reddit


Breach Mode
Graphical Enhancements
UI Improvements
Other things we can show you later!


New unannounced PvE mode.
Heroes. You can buy Marching Fire (price not announced) and it gives you the 4 Wu Lin Heroes (plus everything else) and you have a limited time access to the Heroes for a window of probably a couple weeks. We haven't locked down the exact window yet. After that "early access" window, you can unlock each character with Steel like any other DLC character.

I am guessing that means real $$$, at the same time everything everyone needs to be part of the full game outside of one co-op mode friends might do separately is there, this is something not unlike Destiny's new missions or within Ubisoft a Division expansion. Might well be nice for them to have that for free but given it isn't part of the PVP loadout, I also don't mind them trying to make money on something they claim they want to support for years.

Personally I have bought gold edition on two platforms and for the work they have done on making it more stable and what they give us for free or in game currency I won't hesitate at buying early access to the heroes or the new co-op.