View Full Version : Why all these complaints about the game?Looks even better than origins...

06-12-2018, 12:14 PM
I remember when Origins was released,people were excited and hyped the game! We got some RPG elements and whole new combat mode and all kind of stuff!
Only few players were complaining then that this is not the Assassins creed game anymore.Most of the players were only excited about the refreshed game.

So why all these whinings now?This game looks pretty damn good! and seems to be similar to origins.
Im sure the game includes all assassins creed elements what we need or want.
I believe this is the right path for the assassins saga to continue.

06-12-2018, 01:58 PM
well people are a**h*** these days lol. I think the reason is if they want to use the olther game asset then you have to keep the same prontagonist with ACOD. and people still want Bayek as a main character, if you want to change character u need a new game. it doesnt bother me because this game look good but i cant say for most people

06-12-2018, 02:37 PM
Yes Origins was good, but we don't want something that looks so similar to it. Yes, new elements have been added but it looks almost exactly the same, feels exactly the same, nothing completely major has changed in the overall vibe of the game. It just feels like they took Origins and squeezed in some naval combat and a few adjustments here and there.

The problem with annual releases is that you get games back to back that are too similar to each other, for example the ezio trilogy. Yes, they added improvements upon each installment, but they were all practically the same which is what made them so underwhelming. AC3-AC:Rogue were all damn near identical. And then ACU-ACS were identical.

If they took an extra year, or dare i say, two years off releasing a game (which I wouldn't mind at all), they could create something completely different and refreshing.