View Full Version : A SPARTAN 'trembler'?

06-12-2018, 11:10 AM
Hi everyone,
Literally lost my breath when I saw the trailer on my way to work. I had wondered if Origins killed any prospect of a game in Ancient Greece (I was pro Egypt and Greece as locations for games for years like many) at least within the near future but here we are, straight after Origins so I suppose not. Lol Ubisoft always finds a way.

When discussing how I thought a game in Ancient Greece (5th century) would be cool in a thread some else mentioned Sparta and I thought (didn't post) if the main protagonist was Spartan, making him a trembler could be a cool back story if written well (essentially a young boy who could not cope and survive the rigorous training to be a warrior and was returned, in shame, to his family) I was wondering if the young lad being dangled off the mountain is Nikloas perhaps this is the reason why? Everyone knows Ancient Greeks left weak babies on mountains to die but the age of the child made me wonder as to the reason for him to deserve to die. Any thoughts?
In my head the main character was named Nicodemus and his modern day counterpart (yeah I was one of those lol) was called Nicholas, so the name choice made me laugh. :) I watched the trailer half paying attention so sry if I missed anything obvious.